Nutritional Benefits of the HCG Program

As a Nutritionist, I was initially skeptical about the HCG Program.  After all, I would like to think losing weight is as simple as learning to eat right.  But learning to eat right is not simple.  In fact, I believe it is by far, one of the most difficult changes we can make in life. Getting weight off and keeping it off is much more like earning a four-year degree.  It takes time, growth, successes and failures, motivation and determination to make the lifestyle change.   After working with hundreds of HCG dieters, I recognize now that the program is a very helpful part of the lifestyle change process and helps to bring people further along in their quest for long-term sustained weight loss.  Here are some of the Nutritional Benefits of the HCG Diet Program at TWIHW:

  • Our program offers weekly education and support from a caring staff. Our patients don’t feel alone but rather encouraged and confident, which makes staying on a diet much easier.
  • As our patients complete the diet, we offer tools and resources as well as solid nutrition education that helps to maintain weight loss rather than sending the patient back to the FDA Food Plate, one of the culprits in our Nation’s rising obesity rates.
  • Almost every patient learns to eat a couple of new vegetables, one of the most nutrient dense, protective and healthy foods we can eat.
  • The diet removes the most common food allergens for 40 days and this alone alerts most patients to the negative effects many foods were having on them.  Most hCG patients have at least one or more realizations about foods and decide not to return to some of their old habits.
  • The hCG diet also results in the removal of many artificial preservatives, taste enhancers and addictive substances from food.  Free from the effects of these chemicals, the patient becomes more able to listen to the body, feel improved health and enjoy the rich flavors of real, whole food. The hCG diet not only cleanses the body but also clears the palette and makes real food taste better.
  • We are a super-sized nation when it comes to portion sizes, and the hCG diet helps patients to get a good visual memory of more reasonable portion sizes.
  • Finally, with quick results, the hCG diet motivates our patients to continue their lifestyle change journey. Our patients feel more in control of their health and have an ignited desire to learn more about health and nutrition, practice new habits and progress forward.

No matter whether you decide the hCG diet is right for you, please come to The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness and allow us the privilege of being your partner in a journey to greater health. Nancy is available for private nutrition consultations to assist you in your individual nutritional goals. Give us a call today at 281-298-6742.

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