Read this to learn how to shed those pounds BEFORE the holiday craze.

Everyone knows how to lose weight.  You eat healthy foods.  You don’t eat unhealthy foods. You eat less than you feel like eating.  You spend a chunk of time each day exercising to work off those pesky pounds.


The problem comes when dieters realize that exercising enough to lose the weight requires a couple of hours or more out of their day. Eating healthy means more trips to the grocery store, more time in the kitchen, and less time in the drive-thru.


So what happens when you already have a life filled with the demands of career, family, and expectations and not a lot left over to dedicate to dieting? No weight loss, that’s what. It’s a frustrating cycle that many find themselves stuck in over and over throughout their lives.


The New & Improved McManus Method hCG weight loss plan is based off the studies of Dr. Simeons.  hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that’s been used for decades for fertility treatments.  The doses of hCG used in the hCG protocol* to aid weight loss, suppress appetite, and preserve lean muscle mass are much smaller than the doses used for fertility treatments.  TWIHW ensures a high quality prescription compounded hCG product with doses tailored to our patients needs and specifications.  Accompanied by a low calorie diet, women typically lose an average of 20 lbs in 40 days, while men typically lose 30-40 lbs (nature of the beast, ladies)


We include a recommended list of supplements geared at maximizing results and ensuring adequate nutritional needs are met while on a low calorie diet.  In addition, you’ll be scheduled for weekly weigh-ins and booster shots made of vitamins and amino acids that boost energy and metabolism, adding synergy to the protocol.


Our patients have also reported experiencing positive changes to their base metabolism and overall shaping of their bodies.  Most importantly, most experienced an easy end to many bad eating patterns and habits, while enjoying more energy and less daily aches and pains.  Ready to get started?  Call one of our Wellness Consultants today at 281.298.6742.


*While hCG is FDA approved for fertility treatments, it is not FDA-approved for weight loss.  Once a drug is FDA approved for a particular treatment, health care providers can use the drugs for other reasons if they see benefit (with the one exception being human growth hormone).





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