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Things to know about Sports Drinks and Hydration

by Mila McManus, MD Our medical staff strongly urges adults and children to avoid sports drinks. As indicated below, most individuals can adequately hydrate with filtered, clean water!  Most children and adults who exercise regularly do not need a special [...]


Fulvic Acid: Your Doctor May Ask You to Eat Dirt

by Mila McManus, MD Traditional medicine and modern research are claiming that fulvic acid (FvA) can modulate the immune system and influence the oxidative status of cells. Also, fulvic acid can improve gastrointestinal function according to a review article in [...]


Brussels Sprouts: Dark Green Winter Salad

by Nancy Weyrauch Mehlert, MS A delicious salad with flexible choices. *Alternatives to Brussels sprouts include arugula, cabbage slaw, or shredded romaine. Field greens would work too!   1 thin piece of gluten free bread, toasted 2 T extra virgin olive [...]

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Detoxification: Once Optional, Now Essential

by Mila McManus, MD Most of us don’t hesitate to take our car to a professional for routine maintenance, but what about your body? The human body needs routine maintenance now more than ever. While a targeted effort at detoxification [...]


Avoid a Hangover & Protect your Brain and Liver

by Mila McManus, MD Recognizing that we don’t live in a perfect world, and that alcohol consumption is a real component of many holiday celebrations, below you'll find some recommendations to help protect your brain and liver from alcohol toxicity [...]

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