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Supplement: L-Theanine
The Healing Code
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Supplement of the Month
L Theanine
Did you know?
Can improve mood, reduce stress and help focus
Non-sedating improved alpha wave activity, the brain activity present when you are alert
Role in helping reduce cholesterol
May improve the efficacy of cancer treatments
Rats fed a high Theanine diet showed a significantly lower body weight, blood
plasma fat and overall body fat accumulation
Reduces blood pressure

Accelerates metabolism of alcohol metabolites which helps protect the liver from alcohol effects


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Recipe of the Month



Breakfast Eggocado
1/2 Avocado, remove seed, open egg into the hole in avocado, bake 350 for 15-20 minutes until egg has reached desired doneness.   


We all have stressors in our lives. How do you manage your stress? We’ve dedicated this newsletter to providing some help.

The Healing Code
Mila cropped low resolution (use this)

by Mila McManus MD


I first learned about a book called The Healing Code from a patient of mine and I think this is one of the most fascinating books I’ve read in a long time.  This book gives hope.

The premise of the book is that all disease stems from physiologic stress. If you deal with psychological stress, you can be assured that your body is experiencing physiologic stress; however, even if you do not feel anxious or stressed, it’s still likely that your body is under physiologic stress.

So what does this all mean? Well, for starters, when you are under physiologic stress, your body is in survival mode (aka “fight or flight”). This involves activating your sympathetic nervous system which raises blood pressure, increases heart rate, stresses your adrenal glands, and overrides the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for digestion and for maintenance and repair of the body.

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Nutrition News
Nancy Mehlert

by Nancy Mehlert


One of the most disheartening aspects of being about the business of nutrition today is that the majority of the “food” available in the market place today does not jive with my idea of real, whole food. There is a lot of “fake” food out there. I’m sure you have heard about trans fats for example. The majority of trans fatty acids in our food come from an industrial process that partially hydrogenates unsaturated fatty acids to stabilize the oil and prolong shelf life, thus starting with an all natural fat as it occurs in nature, and literally de-naturing it by changing the molecular structure. Real food becomes man-made, man-altered, fake food. Inside our human body, our cells really struggle to put unnatural, fake food to any good use! In fact damaged foods cause a multitude of problems.

To make the point, a recent study published online in March of 2012, reports “dietary trans fatty acid intake is associated with irritability and aggression in adults.

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