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Are you still trying to figure out how to eat right for life? Are you having trouble staying on track? Is it hard to navigate the grocery store today and know if you are making the right choices? Do you understand the magnitude of the impact your diet has on your health and well-being?

Topics included in the book include organic requirements, genetically modified foods, All about Soy, lists of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, water, sweeteners, beverages, seasonings, and additives all identified as Ideal, Good, Limit or Avoid. We also cover aspects of food including acid-alkaline balance, inflammatory vs. anti-inflammatory foodsallergies and sensitivities and the latest news on digestive enzymes, and calorie counting.

42 in stock



Dr. Mila McManus


Dr. Mila McManus graduated at the top of her class from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 2000, completed her residency training at Christus St. Joseph in downtown Houston in 2003, and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. Dr. McManus has always had a special interest in preventive medicine, but it wasn’t until her interest in alternative and complimentary therapies became personal that she decided to leave her private practice to specialize in the treatment of hormonal imbalance. She not only began suffering with fatigue, weight gain, headaches, PMS symptoms, severe allergic symptoms, and trouble concentrating herself, but also noticed a disturbing trend in the number of patients presenting to clinic with similar complaints. Routine exams and bloodwork were failing to reveal an underlying etiology for her patients’ symptoms as well as her own. Dr. McManus went in search of answers and discovered that there are simple, practical, and studied ways of treating the underlying causes of many common health problems. She became certified by the American Academy of Biologically Identical Hormone Therapy in 2004. As she began trying to incorporate wellness into her traditional medical practice, she realized that her passion was using hormonal balance and lifestyle changes, rather than typical and generally ineffective prescription drugs, to treat problems such as depression, fatigue, weight gain, low libido, trouble concentrating, PMS, headaches, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, and sleep disorders. In January 2005, she made the decision to focus 100% of her time on Functional Medicine at The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness.

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