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Mila McManus MD, Medical Detective

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The Woodlands Institute publishes Health Articles specifically designed to keep you updated with relevant wellness news.  In these newsletters, you’ll find valuable information regarding supplementation, fitness tips, and recipes.

TWIHW has been serving the community since 2004. Dr Mila McManus and her highly trained team at The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness are winners of numerous awards, including Living Magazine Best Of Readers’ Choice awards over the years: Best Functional Medicine Practice, Best Weight Loss Center, Best Bio-identical Hormone Practice.

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It’s a Trifecta – of COVID, flu, and RSV

So Be Prepared, Not Surprised By Mila McManus, MD As we move into the cold and flu season, take precautions now to protect yourself and your family from infections.  Public Health experts from the American Medical Association are already seeing [...]


Wagyu, Kobe and more: Food Scam Alert

by Nancy Mehlert, MS Last week, I drove by an Arby’s fast food chain where the sign read “Try Arby’s New Wagyu Burger”.  It made me laugh because of a book I read by Larry Olmsted[1] called  Real Food, Fake [...]


Rapamycin: A True Anti-Aging Drug

by Mila McManus, MD Rapamycin, also known as Sirolimus, is a prescription drug derived from a bacteria found in the ground decades ago in the Easter Islands. Though a drug, it is a natural product with a 30 year history [...]

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Vitamin D

Why It Should Be Dosed By Your Healthcare Provider Only (not by you) by Mila McManus, MD Vitamin D is essential for good health. This fat soluble vitamin has anti-depressant effects, increases calcium absorption in the GI tract, enhances immune [...]

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Science and Research

by Mila McManus, MD          We can search for anything on the world wide web these days. We can access thousands of people on Facebook and blogs who have an opinion. Information is abundant. The question is, [...]

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Witch Hazel:

A Good Staple for Everyone’s Medicine Cabinet by Mila McManus, MD Witch Hazel is a native North American shrub that has powerful medicinal properties and a wide variety of uses. The leaves and bark are used to make teas, ointments, [...]

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