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Mila McManus MD, Medical Detective

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The Woodlands Institute publishes Health Articles specifically designed to keep you updated with relevant wellness news.  In these newsletters, you’ll find valuable information regarding supplementation, fitness tips, and recipes.

TWIHW has been serving the community since 2004. Dr Mila McManus and her highly trained team at The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness are winners of numerous awards, including Living Magazine Best Of Readers’ Choice awards over the years: Best Functional Medicine Practice, Best Weight Loss Center, Best Bio-identical Hormone Practice.

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Will the Fake Meat Empire Collapse?

By Mila McManus, MD In mid-February, we shared our concerns about making “food” using cultured animal cells. And April 2022 we wrote about plant-based "meats".  Thankfully, it appears there are signs we are not the only ones concerned.  This may [...]

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Erythritol In the News – What it means

By Mila McManus MD and Nancy Mehlert MS You may have seen several news stories recently about Erythritol, the zero-calorie sweetener, being found in a study to be “linked to increased cardiovascular risk”. The study, published by Nature Medicine, on [...]

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Before you flush……

by Mila McManus, MD A group of engineers from the University of Colorado Boulder used laser lights to expose the otherwise invisible spray that is sent into the air by flushing a toilet with the lid up. It became visibly [...]

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Coffee Talk

by Mila McManus, MD Coffee lovers and connoisseurs abound thanks to Starbucks and other similar West coast chains making coffee a work of art.  In America, at least 6 out of 10 people start their day with a cup or [...]

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“Food” Made from Cultured Animal Cells?

by Mila McManus, MD A concerning emerging area of food science, supported and encouraged by the Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) is making food, for human consumption, from cultured animal cells. Here is how it works, according to the FDA[1]: [...]