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Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Testing and Treatment

Are you concerned that a food allergy or sensitivity is causing you or a loved one health problems?
We can help you with food allergy testing that quickly and safely identifies an amazing amount about how your body responds to certain foods.

Biotek is an IgG panel food allergy test that will help you understand your food allergies and sensitivities. It provides you results to 96 different foods and it just involves a quick finger prick. Biotek is a very quick and easy route to a better understanding of your own food allergies.

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Clinical Research Reveals That Food Allergies May Be Associated With Many Common Chronic Health Conditions.

It is well established in allergy research that consumption of certain foods in susceptible individuals can illicit an immune reaction with the production of antibodies against those foods. This is defined as a food allergy. IgG antibodies are the key antibodies involved in delayed food reactions, that is, reactions to a food that do not necessarily occur right away. Rather, the symptoms felt from this type of food allergy may occur hours to days after consumption of the culpable food. Delayed-onset food allergies may be much more common than immediate hypersensitivity reactions, mediated through IgE antibody production. It is suggested that IgG-mediated food allergies may account for a variety of chronic health conditions that have been unresponsive to conventional medical care.  Fatigue, irritability, aching joints, cognitive dysfunction, and chronic migraines are a few known complications suggestive of food allergies.

Symptoms associated with food allergies can vary from person to person, affecting how we function and feel. Symptoms may range from mild discomforts to incapacitating illness, with etiology to specific foods that are unique to each individual. Moreover, a symptom may simply be defined as any unpleasant sensation or reaction, which suggests that our body is not functioning at its best. When we experience an unpleasant reaction immediately after consumption of a certain food, cause and effect are very easy to identify. However, when we begin to experience ill health days after consumption of the suspect food, identifying cause and effect becomes more obscure and can go unnoticed. Unbeknownst to us, we may continue to eat the offending food for months, even years, only to develop future complications from chronic exposure. At this point, identifying cause and effect may become a challenge. Symptoms of delayed food allergies are diverse and may affect any system in the body.

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