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Functional Medicine Holistic Doctor in The Woodlands TX

The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness

The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness is here to serve your entire family. The Functional Medicine approach combines the science of traditional medicine with the wisdom of natural holistic approaches (treating the body as an interconnected whole), wholesome nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices. Institute founder, Dr. Mila McManus is a firm believer in functional and preventative medicine to promote health. She is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal health and an improved quality of life, while avoiding the side effects and discomfort of prescription drugs and surgery. We do this by resolving hormonal imbalance, promoting healthy habits, detoxifying the body, and restoring optimal immune function. The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness treats a wide variety of complaints including anxiety, depression, fatigue, low libido, PMS, headaches, fibromyalgia, and sleeping disorders. Services also include a health reset protocol and nutritional education, and programs for allergy, rapid weight loss, and menopause. We are conveniently located off I-45 between Woodlands Parkway and Sawdust Road. Please look at our upcoming events and join us for a complimentary Lunch & Learn event, as we discuss safe, natural, and effective solutions to your health concerns.

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