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Men’s Health and Wellness

 If you are experiencing fatigue, depression, weight gain, lack of motivation, decreased mental sharpness, IBS, reflux, anxiety, andropause, low libido, decline in sexual ability, headaches, insomnia, chronic disease or other symptoms, our Men’s Health & Wellness Program can help. Our program specifically focuses on wellness essentials for men. While there are some similarities to women’s health, health and wellness for men need a dedicated approach.
The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness uses alternative and complementary therapies to approach holistic health for men. Dr. McManus and her staff are passionate about offering the finest personal attention and medical care to their patients. They spend ample time with each patient in order to understand the causes of their symptoms and educate them about the solutions. It might be unusual for a patient to spend a large amount of time exploring symptoms with a doctor, but this is the standard practice at The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness. This is the premier Men’s Wellness Clinic in The Woodlands area.

Holistic Health for Men: A Program for Men’s Wellness

Feel great with our men’s wellness program. This is an excellent investment in your health! Men’s wellness medical consultations are customized to the needs of each individual and fees are based on the services rendered. This program will help you achieve overall wellness and offer guidelines for the maintenance of your natural wellness program. This program includes:

  • Hormone therapy such as Testosterone, thyroid, and adrenal support
  • Complete blood studies
  • Comprehensive physical exam (excludes prostate exam)
  • Candida (yeast) evaluation and treatment

Natural Hormones for Men

Natural, compounded hormones will be prescribed if needed. The amount will vary, depending upon the physician’s recommendations. This range is generally $50-$300 per month for most patients. This is not included in the initial investment.

Vitamins and Supplements

Additionally, vitamin and mineral supplementation will be recommended. This investment will range $25-$300 per month. This is not included in the initial investment.

After Your Initial Appointment and additional Services

After your initial appointment, additional follow-up visits with your medical provider are $199. If you choose to have your labs billed to your insurance company, the insurance company may or may not cover those lab charges. We have a direct contract with Quest Laboratories for your blood draw, we can provide you with a quote at our contracted rates. The rates provided to our practice are significantly lower than retail. In general, you will need an initial follow up visit approximately four to six weeks after your initial evaluation. The frequency and extent of future follow up visits depends on your progress. However, the average patient will need follow up once every three to six months.

Bone Density Scan (DEXA)

A bone density study will be ordered to assess current bone health. Men and young women are not immune to bone loss. If you have insurance that covers a DEXA scan, it will be billed through your insurance. If this is not covered by your insurance, or if you do not have insurance, there are area facilities that we can recommend with cash pricing starting at $100.

Health Reset Protocol

This is generally a 4 week program consisting of anti-yeast medications and a yeast-free eating program. The medications required will cost approximately $120 (one time only). Learn more about our Health Reset Protocol and how it can help you.

About Insurance and payment options

In all cases, we appreciate and expect payment in full for our services at the time they are rendered and in return we pledge to provide you with exceptional attention and medical care as we place you on a life-long path of health and wellness. Follow this link to learn more about Insurance and Payment options at TWIHW.