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Diagnostic Tools to Identify Toxins in Your Life2018-05-21T13:59:28-06:00

Are you suffering from toxins in your food or environment?
Are food allergies making you feel sick?

Sometimes the answers are not as obvious as you’d think. The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness has a variety of ways to test your health and determine if there are toxins or other substances causing you to feel less than your best. The health hazards of ingesting toxins or even being exposed to toxins in the air could contribute to poor health overall or could be causing very real side effects like bloating, headaches and even cancer. Our medical staff will listen to your symptoms or concerns, recommend one or more of the following diagnostic tools, help you understand the test results and outline the next steps to improve your health.

After reading about the various diagnostic tools above, if you’re not sure which test or tool you need, contact us for an appointment. We will listen to you carefully and guide you on which test or assessment needs to be performed. Rest assured that our medical team can help you get rid of the toxic chemicals in your body and help you feel better.