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Yeast Infection and Health Reset Protocol

Want to Get Rid of Yeast Infection Symptoms?
Yeast is a single-celled living organism capable of causing infection or disease. Yeast is a fungus and requires a specific environment in which to grow. A moist, dark place, with a constant food supply allows yeast cells to thrive and flourish. Yeast cells feed on any form of sugar and multiply in the presence of vinegar or other fermented products such as alcohol, soy sauce, and most bottled salad dressings to name a few examples. The only way to rid the body of yeast is to remove its food source and actively destroy it. One treatment without the other will not be effective. Diet alone may help to prevent proliferation of yeast, but will not destroy what’s already present. Certain prescription medications, as well as some over-the-counter supplements are fungicidal, and are used in conjunction with a yeast-free eating regimen to rid the body of disease-causing yeast.

Yeast is normally controlled by the immune system and by beneficial bacteria in the GI tract. However, if the normal flora in the colon is altered, yeast can overgrow. When antibiotics are taken to kill harmful bacteria, they do not discriminate and also kill beneficial bacteria in the GI tract. Therefore, use of antibiotics is enough to disrupt the delicate balance of the body’s normal flora. This balance can also be disrupted by the use of birth control pills, steroids, alcohol, environmental factors, and high carbohydrate diets that include simple sugars such as breads, pasta, cereal, and candy.

Yeast is harmful to the body in the following ways:

  • Taxes the adrenal glands and immune system, leading to adrenal fatigue and immune dysfunction
  • Often results in the body developing an allergy to yeast, thereby causing the person to be allergic to foods containing yeast, such as beer, wine, and bread.
  • Yeast produces a toxin that absorbs into the body from the gut and may cause a host of symptoms, including fatigue, joint pains, behavior changes, rashes, allergy symptoms, and decreased mental sharpness.
  • Coats the lining of the gut, leading to malabsorption of important nutrients, and leading to irritable bowel symptoms such as heartburn, gas, bloating, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

Learn more about our Health Reset Protocol and how it can help you.

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Health Reset Protocol

The Health Reset Protocol is designed to help people of any age detox from yeast. It will help you clean your system of yeast and teach you how to maintain a yeast-free environment within your body. You will be prescribed anti-yeast medication, and recommended supplements will be ordered. If blood work is needed, there will be an additional charge.

This is a program consisting of anti-yeast medications and a yeast-free eating program. The medications required will cost approximately $120 (one time only and not included in the cost of the appointment).

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Vitamins and Supplements

Additionally, vitamin and mineral supplementation will be recommended. This investment will range $25-$300 per month. This is not included in the initial investment.

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