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Semaglutide: NEW Weight Loss Program

Semaglutide Weight Loss Program at The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness

A Highly Effective Weight Loss Medication That’s Safe for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Have other weight loss protocols failed? 

Did you find HCG to be too strict? 

Was KETO too difficult to follow? 

This protocol has been FDA approved for weight loss!  Semaglutide slows gastric emptying which helps stabilize blood sugar but also reduces cravings and hunger.  This is a once weekly injection that can be administered in the office or at home. Our protocol also includes weekly vitamin injections. 

Serving patients since 2004 in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Houston, Tomball, Montgomery, Magnolia area. Call today for more information about how this exciting weight loss program can work for you.

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide, sold under the brand name Ozempic, Wegovy, among others, is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and ongoing weight management. Semaglutide is a Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor antagonist which improves blood sugar control in people with Type II Diabetes.  Because it also slows gastric emptying, which keeps you fuller longer, people can lose large amounts of weight overtime.  It was FDA-approved in 2021 for weight loss.

Who is this Weight Loss Program for?

Because it is not a stimulant, Semaglutide is a good solution for those who may not be able to take stimulant-based appetite suppressants such as phentermine. Stimulants are often not prescribed for patients who have existing cardiovascular disease as they can complicate these conditions. 

Semaglutide is for patients who want to lose weight, especially patients with type 2 diabetes or whose weight puts them at risk of a serious cardiovascular event (like heart attack or stroke).

How does it work?

Semaglutide slows down the rate at which your stomach sends food to your large intestine. This results in slower digestion (which improves blood sugar) and a longer feeling of fullness. It also stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin, removing sugar from the bloodstream.

Patients on Semaglutide have reported reduced appetite and a reduced craving for sweets, both of which contribute to weight loss. Patients also report that over-eating while on Semaglutide results in unpleasant side effects, which discourages poor eating habits. 

What to eat when taking Semaglutide?

  • Eat slowly, and eat smaller meals.
  • Eat foods that are light and bland.
  • Drink clear or ice-cold drinks (like water or unsweetened tea)
  • Avoid fried, greasy, or sweet foods.

At The Woodlands Institute we offer virtual and in-office appointments to fit your schedule. The first time you complete the Weight Loss Protocol you will meet with one of our medical providers to discuss the program and make sure that you are a candidate. Once approved to start you will receive 8 weeks of medication, 8 Lipo-B12 (in-office only) or B12 injections or upgrade to PolyMVA $49. After the 1st 8 weeks you will be able to continue to titrate up following the recommended titration schedule or repeat any dose in 4 week cycles. Virtual patients will receive all supplies needed for each cycle to self administer medication. 

Call (281) 298-6742 today to learn more. 

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