By Allen Rikke




An Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Session, sometimes referred to as an “Activated Oxygen” session, is one of the most effective methods of cleansing the body of toxins and enhancing the body’s normal metabolic processes. Medical-grade ozone has been in use since the early 1900s and is widely-used around the world today, in countries like Germany, Italy, and Russia. An Activated Oxygen session is one of the most powerful methods in existence of detoxifying and oxygenating the body. Due to the moist heat in the steam sauna, the pores are opened up and the capillaries are dilated to allow for maximum ozone and oxygen absorption through the skin (transdermal infusion). As the ozone enters the body, it immediately oxidizes all toxins in the fat, lymph system, and blood. Ozone is an incredible rejuvenator, normalizer, detoxifier, regenerator, immune enhancer, and physical and mental energizer.

 What benefits does ozone therapy offer?


  •  Ozone destroys bacterial and viral pathogens by oxidation and purges the body of toxins.
  •  Ozone sessions burn about 400 calories per 20-minute session, which promotes safe fat-burning of cells.
  •  Ozone detoxifies the body, especially the blood (increases alkalinity pH by 2 points for up to 36. hrs.).
  • Ozone increases oxygenation and enhances nutrient delivery within the body (ATP/Krebs Cycle).
  • Ozone relaxes sore muscles and joints and reduces lactic acid, which allows for optimum recovery.
  • Ozone reduces inflammation, which allows for proper circulation and natural healing.
  • Ozone strengthens the immune system, including the production of white blood cells (T-Cells).
  • Ozone degrades petrochemicals, which place a heavy burden on the immune system.
  • Ozone significantly increases Interferon Levels.
  • Ozone stimulates the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF).

Please join the TWIHW in welcoming Allen Rikke and O3ZONE Therapy Services to our facility as of April 1st!  As a former top-level college football player, Mr. Rikke believes in the importance of healthy living.  He founded O3ZONE Therapy Services in 2013 and opened the first treatment center in 2014 to help people live healthy.  He believes that everyone can live better and healthier lives with consistent ozone steam sauna therapy sessions.

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Truth In Labeling: You Just Never Know

By Nancy Mehlert, MS


Here is a great example of the uncertainty of ingredient labels and the fact that manufacturers have a great deal of leeway regarding what they put on the label.

In March 2016, I spotted this product (Left) and while “ Made in China” gave me pause, my confidence was regained when I saw the Non GMO Project Certification, USDA Organic Certification and the Certification as a Gluten Free Product.

The label read, Ingredients: Organic Black Beans. Manufactured on shared equipment and may contain trace soy. (Right)

That did not surprise me since their other products on the same shelf included soy pasta, specifically an edamame pasta.  Nevertheless, I was aware of the many health benefits of black beans including the obvious high fiber content and the protein was surprisingly good (this should have been my first clue!), so I gave it a try.  It was very good, and the texture was very much like wheat pasta. We decided to recommend it to our patients and while not everyone loved it, some did. 


Last week, (February 28, 2019), I picked up another box and noticed (since I’m always looking) there has been an interesting change on the package ingredients.

Now it reads, Ingredients: Organic black beans (black soybeans).  Contains soybeans. (Left)

It tastes the same and looks the same. Price is the same.  What I suspect now is that it has ALWAYS been soybeans. Who knew there were black soybeans? And why didn’t the manufacturer say that in the first place? Soy is a high allergen food for many people. I wonder if they had a few complaints?  I just wish the truth was told all along.  Who knows what else we don’t know about this food product?

It is in a box.  It is a processed food product.  And it was not what we thought it was. I should know better.  I’m sharing better with you.   I’m glad lettuce is lettuce and an apple is an apple.  I’m sticking with real, whole food. Let’s all do that, shall we?  

Be well. Choose well. Eat well.

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Transfer Factor By Researched Nutritionals

Transfer factors exist naturally in the human body and are short strands of amino acids and small bits of ribonucleic acid (RNA).

According to Aaron White, Ph.D. and author of Transfer Factors & Immune System Health, “research strongly suggests that transfer factors are effective for helping the body beat an array of disease states that involve faulty or overloaded immune function and can prevent infections before they occur.  Transfer factors seem to prime the body for battle against intracellular pathogens, like viruses, mycobacteria and cell wall deficient bacteria, and help quash infections before they can take root. Transfer factors turn non-immune-related white blood cells into immune-related white blood cells and stimulate the birth of new Helper and Cytotoxic T-Cells, Natural Killer cells and macrophages.  After stimulating an increase in T-cell counts, transfer factors orient these new T-cells toward a target presumably by influencing the nature of the antigen (protein of the pathogen) receptors expressed by the cells.  Further, by binding to antigens on infected body cells, transfer factors paint infected cells for destruction by Cytotoxic T-cells.” 


In individuals with chronic immune-related conditions, Natural Killer activity is often suppressed.  Transfer factors, taken supplementally, are effective at promoting healthy NK cell function and strengthen the immune response.


Transfer Factor Multi Immune is a comprehensive immune support which fortifies the front line of our immune systems by promoting healthy natural killer cell function.


Formulas are also available to target tick-born pathogens, environmental challenges and fatigue.


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Savory Sweet Waldorf Salad







1 large or 2 small organic apple(s), washed

1 to 2 stalks organic celery, washed

¼ cup walnut pieces

2 Tablespoons mayonnaise*

Chopped parsley

Salt & Pepper, to taste



  1. 1.  Slice and dice the apple into small pieces into a medium bowl. (using two different colors is visually nice).
  2. 2.  Slice the celery stalks in half length-wise, then dice celery and add to the bowl.
  3. 3.  Add the walnut pieces, mayonnaise, chopped parsley, salt and pepper. Toss well.  
  4. 4.  Can be refrigerated for 1-2 hours to allow flavors to develop or served immediately.


*We recommend an avocado oil based mayonnaise such as Primal Kitchen, Sir Kensington or Chosen Foods.  If egg allergy, then Chosen Foods Vegan Mayonnaise is a nice option.

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“Doing Awesome!”

A. is doing awesome! Tomorrow is actually day 6.  Being off the probiotic was hard on her but she’s doing much better now.  Tell Dr. McManus that she is a blessing from heaven because since the Wednesday night after her appointment A. has been falling asleep at night so quickly and staying asleep!!!!!  I feel like a new person and she is feeling great too.  Hug her for me.  I think the CBD oil is really helping her.

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Help Heal Your Body from the Inside Out

By Guest contributor Tyler Hamel, DC

Edited by Mila McManus, MD

Chiropractors evaluate the spine and nervous system to determine whether issues with these are affecting your health condition.  Your neck pain, back pain, sciatica, or migraine headaches may be caused by spine/nerve irritation and, if that’s the case, chiropractic treatment can help.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

Oftentimes postural stress causes wear and tear on the spinal joints in your neck, mid-back and low back.  These joints become compressed which causes irritation, pain and muscle spasm. In the simplest explanation, here is what the chiropractic adjustment does:

  • Decompresses the spine
  • Realigns the spine
  • Takes pressure off of nerves
  • Restores proper function

Why be open to chiropractic treatment?

  • It’s very safe and more effective at treating neck and back pain than any other treatment out there, including, e.g., muscle relaxers, pain pills, or surgery.
  • Chiropractic helps the body heal from the inside out naturally by restoring proper alignment and nerve flow.
  • It’s affordable. Chiropractic adjustments are a fraction of the cost of long-term use of pain medicine, ongoing cortisone shots, and surgeries.
  • Everyone can be helped with chiropractic care. Our youngest patient was 7 weeks old, and our most senior patient 99 years old.
  • You don’t need a referral from a doctor.
  • We accept insurance, but keep in mind that sometimes insurance co-pays cost more than our cash prices.

Which Chiropractic technique is best for you?

  • Manual adjusting- you will hear pops and cracks when we release pressure from the spine during a chiropractic adjustment. This is very safe.
  • Instrument adjusting- we use vibrating adjustment tools that accomplish the same result as manual adjusting.

Why do we offer both?

  • Some patients do not want their neck or back “popped”, whereas others love the feeling of a manual adjustment.
  • Depending on the age of the patient, it may be easier and safer to use instrument adjusting. For example, if a patient has osteoporosis, or recently had surgery, instrument adjusting may be preferred.
  • Having more than one adjusting technique makes it easy for anyone to come and experience the benefits of chiropractic care.


Dr. Hamel cares for patients part time at our TWIHW facility, and part time at his Kingwood office.



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“Yippy Skippy Hooray!”

This patient had been on our protocols for only a few weeks when we received this email:

“Today is the first day in 1 and a 1/2 years that I have NOT HAD A MIGRAINE!  Yippy Skippy Hooray!!!  Thank You!”

-L. T.

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The Doc’s Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

The Doc’s Shaved Brussels Sprouts* Salad

Edited from Chowhound.com

Serves 2


For the salad:

½ bag shaved Brussels sprouts

2 to 3 hearts of palm, sliced

⅓ cup pine nuts




For the dressing: (enough for 2-3 uses)

¼ cup fresh lemon juice (about 1 lemon)

¾ cup olive oil

½ to 1½ teaspoons Dijon mustard

½ to 1 shallot, finely chopped or minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

Salt and Pepper, to taste



  1. 1. Combine the shaved Brussels Sprouts, hearts of palm and pine nuts in a large salad bowl.
  2. 2. Combine the dressing ingredients in a bowl or bottle and stir or shake.
  3. 3. Pour desired amount of dressing on the salad and toss well. Serve
  4. 4. Save the remaining dressing in the refrigerator.



*These little green mini cabbage like balls are named after the city of Brussels in Belgium.  Most people call them Brussel Sprouts, but the correct name has the “s” on the end.

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Love Cup Coffee Company’s CBD/Resveratrol Infused Coffee

The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness is proud to announce that we are selling CBD/Resveratrol infused coffee, both regular and decaffeinated, by Houston based, Love Cup Coffee Company.

Love Cup Coffee is a medium roast organic coffee made to bring you a loving cup of wellness every morning.  The Wellness Blend provides a nice amount of caffeine while taking the edge off in one soothing cup.  Each batch of beans is infused with CBD derived from industrial-grown hemp and contains 0% THC.  Research has suggested that CBD may help reduce pain, improve mood and focus, and help alleviate anxiety and stress. A Decaf Wellness Blend is also available.

Love Cup Coffee Company has partnered with Vera Roasting Company to infuse this blend with nature’s most potent antioxidant, Resveratrol, using Vera’s patented process.  Resveratrol is found naturally in red wine.  Each Love Cup provides the same heart health benefits equal to one glass of red wine but without any alcohol, sulfites or tannins.

Learn more about CBD Oil.



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The Sugar that Never Satisfies

By Nancy Mehlert, MS


You most likely have heard about high fructose corn sugar (a.k.a. HFCS) which is the most processed form of fructose, a simple sugar, and the most damaging to your health. Manufacturers make HFCS with corn starch and add it to many processed foods such as fast foods, soda, ice creams and condiments like ketchup and pickle relish. On labels it may be called high fructose corn sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup or fructose.

This is one of the most harmful substances for human health and we encourage you to audit your pantry, refrigerator and grocery cart to ensure you and your family are not consuming it.

Here’s why:

  • Many scientists are suggesting that this processed fructose is a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic.
  • Processed fructose feeds pathogenic gut bacteria and disrupts a healthy microbial balance.
  • Fructose does not stimulate insulin production in the blood stream like other sugars, such as glucose, but goes directly to the liver for handling. As a result, leptin, an appetite suppressing hormone is never released to inform you that you are full.  As a result, you remain hungry, craving and unsatisfied.
  • The output of fructose being processed in the liver is uric acid, known to be a contributor to gout and heart disease.

Step by step, be well and stay well by choosing well.

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