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Detoxification programs

Detoxify for Weight Loss and Health Improvements

TWIHW is a strong believer in the power of a master cleanse to detox your body, lose weight and boost your overall health. The human body struggles to keep up with the Body Cleansingexplosion of chemicals and toxins in our environment. Consider the pesticides, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, additives, petroleum-based fertilizers, heavy metals, fire retardants in your surroundings. Even most of the products we use to clean our bodies, homes and clothing contain harmful chemicals.

Help your body fight back with our detoxification programs. Most people view detoxification treatments and body cleansing as requiring meager food intake or a liquid diet. Our program is different and better. You’ll learn that our detoxification programs encourage a large variety of food choices including fruits, vegetables and protein. You’ll feel great and lose weight.

Why Detoxify?

Increase your energy, maintain a healthy weight, clear your mind and eliminate unwanted, irritating symptoms. Our detoxification programs help you make your good health a priority.

We are offering affordable, formalized programs to meet this specific need. Whether you just want to get back on track nutritionally and support your body’s detoxification pathways or you would also like to shed a few pounds, VegeCleanse Plus Detoxification Program is just the right thing. Simple and easy to follow, this is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification.

Check out our detoxification programs below and call our office at 281.298.6742 and ask to speak to a wellness consultant.

Detoxification can be done incorrectly and it is important to properly support the Phase 1 and Phase 2 pathways with the correct nutrients to promote healthy liver function and elimination. Detoxification should also be gentle, not aggressive and VegeCleanse Plus ensures all the necessary nutrients needed to support your normal bodily processes of detoxification in a gentle way.

Each program kit provides single serving functional food powder drink mix packets and a capsule packet containing Amino-D-Tox™ and Hydrolyzyme™. Each kit also comes with a shaker bottle and a detailed program guidebook which includes a supplement schedule, sample menus and suggested food and snack options.

About Insurance and payment options

In all cases, we appreciate and expect payment in full for our services at the time they are rendered and in return we pledge to provide you with exceptional attention and medical care as we place you on a life-long path of health and wellness. Follow this link to learn more about Insurance and Payment options at TWIHW.