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Nutrient Analyisis

Nutrition Consultant Improves Diet & Overall Health

How we eat and drink directly affects how we feel. It sounds obvious but so many Americans eat poorly due to hectic schedules, convenience or a lack of knowledge about the foods they really need. Each person’s body is different but the same core nutrients are needed at some level by all people. Proper diet fuels our bodies and helps us to operate optimally. Some individuals may need more or less of certain vitamins but  first you need an objective assessment of how you’re eating and which nutrients you need to eat more.

Our nutrition consultant can perform an extensive evaluation measuring functional needs for vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. The assessment also measures neurotransmitters and heavy metals. Once we know what your body is craving from a health standpoint, our nutrition consultant can develop a custom nutrition plan for you. Whether you need to detox from heavy metals that have accumulated in your body or you need to eat more proteins and steer clear of certain foods that you’re allergic to, we can help.

We also encourage you to check out our Nutrition News page that shares the various solutions that we offer. Get your health on track with improved nutrition, thanks to our nutrition consultant.