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The symptoms you’re experiencing can be confusing so we invite you to use our online symptom checker to test yourself in the comfort of your own home. By answering the questionnaire(s) below, you will discover the area(s) that your symptoms are likely associated with. All results remain confidential with you. We do not maintain or use the results of the following questionnaires. We simply want to provide an online symptom checker that can help you narrow down the causes of your health concerns.

Access one or more of the online questionnaires above to use the symptom checker. If the results seem to point in a certain direction, call us at 281-298-6742, option 1 or email us at info@twihw.com to discuss how we can help you feel better. Whether you’re struggling with allergies, menopause, low thyroid or another ailment, The Woodlands Institute can help you turn these symptoms around. You deserve to feel your best!

Check out these short videos for more details about various health topics from Dr. McManus.

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