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Current Promotions:TWIHW Fall Specials

Detox in a Box! Quarantine throw off your health? Start a detoxification program to get back on track!

Choose 20% off all detox kits OR get 4 Free Sauna Sessions ($100 Value)

Need extra help detoxifying or burning some calories? Buy 1 InfraRed Sauna Session and get 1 Free, Save $25!

Highway to Health 2nd Edition, $22.50 (25% off reg price of $29.99)

Bundles available for additional savings:

    • Buy 4 lipotropic B12 (or plain B12) injections for $100, get 2 free, savings of $50!
    • Buy 2 ONDAMED sessions for $330, get 1 free, savings of $165!
    • Buy 10 ONDAMED sessions for $1000, savings of $650!
    • Buy 1 nutritional/therapeutic IV, get 25% off 2nd  (if completed within 30 days of each IV). Our IVs use doctor doses!

           50% OFF 3-Month Ozone Protocol              FREE consultation with no obligation.

                   Call Allen to schedule or                     for more details 832-545-0393


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