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Current Promotions, Spring 2021 Specials:


“Yes, you can fast with food™!” Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet Kickstart your weight loss and health goals, $186.75!   (Reg $249), plus free book with purchase.

208 Food Sensitivity Testing IgG and IgA: Our 208 Food Panel offers comprehensive testing to identify food sensitivities to both common and less prevalent offenders that, in some cases, a patient may not even realize are in his or her diet. It is an ideal choice for patients who eat a broad range of foods and cuisines. Once identified, trigger foods can be controlled to relieve symptoms and help patients lead their healthiest lives, $529! (Reg $599)

25% off while supplies last:

Bundles available for additional savings:

  • **Specials good until May 31, 2021**


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