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Current Promotions: New Year, New You!

current specials

New HCG patient, first round: $50 off! 

Basic Establish Consult, $89 off with purchase of additional services: Ondamed, IV Nutrition, Nutrition services, Injections, and Allergy Testing. Additional specials cannot be combined except bundle purchases.

Existing patient specials, Patients currently under treatment in any program, 10% off any add-on services: Nutrition services, IV Nutrition, Ondamed, InfraRed Sauna, Lipotropic and B12 Injections. Discount applied to individual sessions, bundles excluded.

Biotek Food Sensitivity Testing: 10% off Repeat Biotek, must have been tested within last 12 months.

Bundles Available for additional Savings:

  • Buy 4 Lipotropic with B12 Injections, get 2 free. Savings of $50!
  • Buy 2 ONDAMED sessions, get 1 free! Savings of $165!
  • Buy 10 ONDAMED sessions for $1000, Savings of $650!
  • Buy 4 Infrared Sauna sessions, get 2 free. Savings of $50!
  • Buy 1 IV Nutrition session, get 25% off 2nd session if completed within 30 days.

Pinnacle Health and Wellness, Dr. Tyler Hamel

TWIHW patient Special for Chiropractic Services, Dr. Hamel is available to see you at TWIHW on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

$75 new patient special, savings of $75. Includes:

  • Surface EMG scan
  • Full chiropractic consultation and evaluation
  • Recommended plan to correct or fix the problem
  • First Chiropractic treatment, no “popping or cracking”

**Offer available to new Pinnacle Health and Wellness patients.**

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