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SUMMER 2023 Current Promotions:



Allergies and Food Sensitivity Testing

50%* OFF Allergy Skin Testing, *Discount only applies to testing.

Testing skin reactions to 46 Antigens to develop custom sublingual allergy drops based on results of testing, formulated same day based on results.

Not a patient? Establish for $99 (reg price $199),when purchasing  Allergy Testing

Do you experience any of these symptoms?                                           •  Gastrointestinal Issues •  Headaches •  Irritability or nervousness

You likely have Food Sensitivities/ Intolerances.

  • 96 Foods IgG $299
  • 144 Foods IgG $349
  • 240 Foods IgG & IgA $599                                                              Optional: Add-on IgA to 96 Foods or 144 Foods for $100

Food Sensitivities

Weight Management

Start a Weight Loss program (WLP or HCG), receive FREE PolyMVA upgrade or 2 IR Sauna Sessions ($50 value)! **No refund value or substitutions. First Phase/ Round patients only.

Test your Resting Metabolic Rate with the Metacheck for $39, Regular price $69. You will know with great accuracy how many calories you burn in a day to help with weight management. 

Injection Therapy Now Available!

Purchase a bundle of 4 or more vitamin injections and receive 20% off! (excludes PolyMVA, Lipo/Mic, and B12)

  • NAD+ 25mg to 100mg available, $35 to $75 per injection
  • Vitamin C 500mg $30 per injection
  • Vitamin D3 50,000iu $30 per injection
  • Glutathione 200mg $49 per injection
  • Magnesium 200mg $30 per injection
  • Tri-Immune: Glutathione/ Zinc/ Vitamin C $75 per injection 

IV and Injection Flyer available for additional information

Can’t Stop Your Sugar Cravings? Schedule the Ondamed Sugar Craving Protocol for $159. (regularly$330)TWIHW Current Promotion stop Sugar Cravings

Establish as a patient to take advantage of our bundles, Weight Loss Protocol, and/or our Doctor-Formulated IV Nutrition Therapies. For a limited time, schedule a “Basic Establish” for $99 with the purchase of a bundle listed below or our Weight Loss Protocol, savings of $100!

Bundles available for additional savings:

  • Take Home Nebulizer Solution, $39 each or 2 pack for $49.
  • Take Home Hydrogen peroxide nebulizer solution, 10 pack for $27.50.
  • Buy 4 Infrared Saunas for $100, get 2 free, savings of $50.
  • Buy 4 vitamin B-12 injections or combo AMP/MIC-B12 for $100, get 2 free, savings of $50.
  • Buy 4 PolyMVA injections for $156, get 2 free, savings of $78.
  • Buy 3 ONDAMED sessions for $330 (savings of $165!), Add on IR Saunas for an additional $30.
  • Buy 5 ONDAMED sessions for $500 (savings of $325!), Add on IR Saunas for an additional $50.
  • Buy 1 IV Session, get 25% off 2nd (if completed no more than 30 days from last, excludes Iron and Mistletoe Infusions
  • Buy 4 or more Injections and receive 20% off total, (savings varies based on injections selected, excludes b12, mic-b12, and polymva).
  • **Current Promotions valid through May 31, 2023, dates subject to change.**