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Why should you test?

  • Quantify cognition. See a quantitative and objective measure of your cognitive health to help complement any existing subjective assessment methods you’re using as part of your care.
  • Track cognitive trends. See how your cognitive health is progressing, or detect early indications of cognitive decline that you may be worried about.
  • Educate yourself. Educate yourself and your family members on the core areas of cognition—like short-term memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability—that are fundamental to your quality of life.
  • 12 core tests of cognition for domains such as: Response inhibition, Episodic Memory, Verbal Short-Term Memory, and Attention.
  • Try a sample test!
  • What is CBS Health, how does it work, and what are the ways in which the tests are associated with common everyday activities? Find out more here!

CBS Cognitive Assessment Information and Instructions

The cost of the 4 or 6 panel is $49.
The cost of the 12 panel is $79.

(Current pricing as of September 1, 2018)

The 4 panel test takes 15-20 min
the 6 panel takes 20-25 min.
the 12 panel takes 40-60 minutes.

The test DOES time out.

You cannot walk away for extended periods and return to finish
it. (bathroom break is fine).

This is ON purpose because it limits variables such as time of day,
distractions, how well you slept the night before, how much stress you are under, etc.

This is why it must be completed in one sitting.

The most common factors affecting cognition are nutrition, sleep quantity/quality, and stress
management. There are many other factors, but addressing these 3 are very important for improving

· Do NOT skip tutorials
· Take the test in one sitting, without distractions.
· Test can be repeated as often as you like, at the above listed prices (subject to change over
· You cannot use your smart phone. The creators of the test decided that phones are too small
and too distracting
· You can use desktop, laptop, or tablet.
· Regarding browsers: do not use Internet Explorer, Edge, or other older browsers. It’s best to
use Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
· If you have temporary disruption with internet connection, click on “refresh” and you may not
have to start the test over.
· If you ‘x’ out of the browser, you will have to start over.
· As long as you don’t complete the test all the way to the end where a report is generated, you
can ‘x’ out of the browser and start the test over if needed.

**Discuss with your provider whether you would benefit from a supplement such as Membrin or Turmeric to support your brain health.