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Eating to control Blood Sugar :

Whether you’re trying to avoid degenerative disease or heal from it, one of the most fundamental nutrition concepts to healing and wellness is eating in a manner that controls blood sugar levels and prevents elevated insulin levels.
In the body, blood sugar is called glucose, the most basic molecule that when combined together in complex molecules makes up the food group called carbohydrates. The foods that make up the carbohydrate group are vegetables, fruits and grains. Remember that carbohydrates are a very important component to any healthy diet and most of us need 30-60% of our diet to be carbohydrates. Healing and wellness depend on you choosing the right carbohydrates in your diet.
Vegetables are our wisest, first choice because they include significant fiber, vitamins, minerals and other essential phyto-nutrients. As a result of their components, they digest slowly, are cleansing to the body and alkaline (or soothing) to the body while offering exactly the foods your cells need for healing, repair and optimal functioning.
Fruits offer another good choice, however since they do contain fruit sugar, or fructose, it is important to respect them and control portions and limit servings to reap the benefits while limiting the sugar intake from them.
Unfortunately, despite what the Standard American Diet suggests, grains are the most damaging and unhelpful food source in the carbohydrate food group. Most of our grains are highly refined, quick to digest to glucose and result in elevated insulin levels. Compared to vegetables or even fruits, most grains, especially wheat, do not offer significant sources of fiber, minerals, vitamins or phyto-nutrients. They are acidic (or irritating) in the body, congesting and for many; the gluten can be very destructive.
I can’t remember my grandmother saying, “Eat your grains.” However, I do remember she always said, “Eat your vegetables. I think the precious lady was right!

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