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What is the best way to treat Hypotestosteronemia (low testosterone)?

In keeping with my philosophy regarding the use of natural products whenever possible to obtain and maintain health and wellness, we treat this condition using natural testosterone in the form of injections of Testosterone Cypionate. Patients are given a physiologic replacement dose. This dose can be adjusted to allow our patients to receive the optimal benefits of testosterone without the side effects of other forms of testosterone. Patients take an herbal supplement, Saw Palmetto, in conjunction with testosterone. Saw Palmetto decreases the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which can cause benign prostatic hyperplasia. We conducted our own in-house study regarding testosterone supplementation in male allergy patients. The results of the study indicated that the vast majority of patients experienced significant improvement of many symptoms, including fatigue, mental sharpness, memory, abstract thinking, mathematical ability, goal setting, initiative, assertiveness, decisiveness, sense of well being, self confidence, depressed moods, anxiety, irritability, muscle strength and romantic inclinations.

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