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What is the difference between bio-identical, natural Armour Thyroid and the synthetic T4 thyroid supplements, Synthroid, Levoxyl and Levothroid?

The thyroid glands from the pigs are removed and desiccated (dried). After the glands are dried, they are pulverized, ground into powder, emulsified and finally, punched into tablets. These tablets contain the exact same thyroid hormone molecules (T3 and T4) that our bodies produce, as well as nutrients from the thyroid gland. Bio-identical, natural thyroid hormone should be thought of as a natural supplement, similar to vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Drug companies look for chemical substances in nature that have therapeutic and medicinal value. By changing the chemical formula ever so slightly, they create a new synthetic drug, which can be patented and sold at a handsome profit. The pharmaceutical companies then market their drugs by employing salesmen to promote their products to private physicians. Synthetic drugs and counterfeit hormones are not as effective as their bio-identical counterparts. Many synthetic drugs and counterfeit hormones have serious and harmful side effects. For this reason, we prescribe and recommend bio-identical biologically identical hormones, including Armour Thyroid and Bio-identical Hormones. Functional hypothyroidism is a condition which can be easily diagnosed using the proper methods and inexpensively treated. Although the symptoms of functional hypothyroidism are many and diverse, virtually all will improve or resolve when the patient is treated with Armour Thyroid.
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