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What is your success rate?

Based upon our clinical studies, approximately 90% of the people who undertake our treatment recommendations achieve resolution of the symptoms for which they were seeking medical care. The success of individuals who utilize our treatment regimen is largely dependent upon their commitment to restoring their health. We know that the patients who achieve the most dramatic gains in resolution of their symptoms are the ones who follow the recommendations of our physicians, everything from hormone supplementation to eating recommendations, from lifestyle modifications, to vitamin and mineral supplementation. We have also found that when individuals maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on their eventual health success, they generally exceed both our and their own expectations. It is not uncommon for an individual to achieve resolution of their symptoms within a relatively short period of time, for instance, 3 months. It is far less common for an individual to notice no improvement in the same period of time, and rare that an individual would actually worsen.

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