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Allergies and Natural Allergy Remedies

Stop Suffering from Allergies

Whether you suffer from a gluten allergy, cat or dog allergies or even seasonal allergies, there are natural allergy remedies to help you. Avoid the painful allergy injections. Try our program for allergies testing that’s designed to treat allergies with a safe, natural, effective alternative to injections. By using sublingual allergy drops and our Health Reset Protocol, our program provides patients age 2 years or older with a convenient, pain-free solution to common allergies.

Additionally, we will provide you with an allergy treatment receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. (Plans vary). Refills for drops will be necessary every 10 weeks for at least the first year and cost $249 per bottle. Our allergy program includes:

  • Adults: Testing for 40 common airborne allergens such as weeds, grasses, trees, mold spores and animal dander and for 7 common food allergies.
  • Children (2 through 16 years of age) may require as few as only four sticks, yet includes all allergens tested on adults, taking approximately 15 minutes.
  • We test on the upper arm with tiny intradermal needles. (A topical numbing cream may be applied prior to testing.)
  • Sublingual allergy drops formulated specifically for you to use at home at your convenience. No more weekly trips to the doctor’s office for painful allergy shots.

Click here to test yourself for allergies. Ready to get started or want more information?

Natural Allergy Remedies

Vitamins and Supplements

Additionally, vitamin and mineral supplementation will be recommended. This investment will range $25-$300 per month. This is not included in the initial investment.

Health Reset Protocol

This is generally a 4 week program consisting of anti-yeast medications and a yeast-free eating program. The medications required will cost approximately $120 (one time only). Learn more about our Health Reset Protocol and how it can help you.

About Insurance and payment options

In all cases, we appreciate and expect payment in full for our services at the time they are rendered and in return we pledge to provide you with exceptional attention and medical care as we place you on a life-long path of health and wellness. Follow this link to learn more about Insurance and Payment options at TWIHW.

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