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Nutrition, Weight Loss & Health

Are You Looking for a Nutrition Consultant?

Overall health nutrition is greatly dependent on the type or quality of food that we eat or drink. Our nutrition consultant at The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness offers in-depth services designed to help you accomplish two things:

  • Provide good quality nutrient-dense food to all the cells in your body and,
  • Make the necessary lifestyle changes to establish optimal health for life.

Processed Food Diet

Empty Calories, Chemical or Sugar Laden

3 Trillion Cells in the Body

Unable to find nutrients needed to function properly

Poor Health

Degenerative Disease, Inflammation, Congestion, Symptoms

Whole Food Diet

Nutrient Dense Chemical Free

3 Trillion Cells in the Body

Receive needed Nutrients to function optimally

Good Health

Anti-Aging, Strong Immune System, Few Symptoms,Feeling Great


A La Carte Nutritional Consulting Services ($29/15 min block or $99 /60 min block)

Contact our nutrition team to optimize your health and reach your ideal weight.


This is a one-hour nutritional consultation for patients who have completed the 28-day, Yeast Free Detox diet and want to transition successfully into a healthy diet for life by reincorporating ideal foods and limiting or avoiding damaging foods.

Allergy Response

This one hour nutritional consultation is designed to help patients with food allergies and/or sensitivities to eliminate them from the diet while finding non-allergenic substitutions, resources and ideas to enhance food enjoyment.

Lifestyle Nutrition

This program offers a large variety of modules from which to choose based on need and interest. Each module lasts one hour. Modules can be purchased in advance at a reduced rate in groups of 3 or 6. This makes a perfect gift, too! For those wanting to become more educated on all aspects of nutrition and work on lasting, long-term lifestyle changes, this is the perfect program. Whether you want one module or many modules, meeting with a degreed nutritionist can help with accountability and help keep you on track while practicing new habits and developing a new lifestyle. Those who have participated in this program have found it most helpful to meet once or twice a month until confidence is established and new habits become routine. Modules include:

– This module covers the fundamental concepts of good nutrition and identification of ideal foods for a healthy, nutrient dense diet for a lifetime. Get help busting common marketplace myths about foods like grains, soy, eggs, butter and Splenda. (Recommended as a baseline for everyone interested in Lifestyle Nutrition Program)

– This module addresses potential obstacles and social/emotional aspects of changing eating habits and offers ideas and suggestions for planning, coping, and making permanent, lifestyle changes.

– This module brings clarity to what foods are included in the carbohydrate food group, understanding which carbs are highly nutritious and essential to the diet and which ones are actually harmful to good health and why.

– This module explains the metabolic impact the bad carbohydrates have on the body and why this leads to diseases such as addiction, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

– This module offers recommendations for the most nutrient dense, healthful foods, and what to look for in the grocery store. Ingredient list label reading, Nutrition Label reading and marketing techniques that can throw you off and make you think you are getting something healthy.

– This module takes the information from the previous module and takes it to the grocery store for a 2 hour shopping trip to practice making wise choices. (2 hour minimum)

 – This module provides information on the most concerning additives in our food, the effect they have on health, and strategies for avoiding them.

– This module offers practical guidelines and strategies for planning and living to maintain a healthy weight.

– This Module explain 7 different obstacles to weight loss to help develop an effective strategy for long term, permanent weight loss.

– This module identifies a healthy diet for children 2 yrs – 18 years and describes how their needs differ from those of the adult. Included are healthy and nutritious snack and lunchbox ideas for growing kids.

– This module identifies wise strategies for raising children with good nutritional habits. Provides tips, ideas and recommendations for teaching your children to eat and try new foods, make wise choices and get involved in the meal preparation process.

– This module explains the pH balance of the body and emphasizes nutritional approaches that reduce inflammation and congestion and promote healing and optimal function of our cellular structure. Foods that promote inflammation and congestion are identified as well as those that have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

– This module allows the opportunity to unravel the social, emotional, relational complexities of changing eating lifestyle. Strategies for talking about your lifestyle changes with family and friends, as well as how to deal with specific challenges such as holidays, family traditions, loneliness, vacations, and celebrations, provide coping strategies that work with busy lives while still eating healthfully.


More Resources

There are many culprits to the struggle with weight loss. Read Dr. McManus’ article on this topic for more details.

Custom Nutrition

This nutritional consultation is custom designed to meet the exact needs and requests of the patient. Length is determined by need based on the request.

Nutrition consulting included with some of our programs

Comprehensive Wellness Program includes a 3.5-hour nutritional consultation which includes education and preparation for the 28 day yeast free diet and shopping for helpful acceptable food choices during the diet.

About Insurance and payment options

In all cases, we appreciate and expect payment in full for our services at the time they are rendered and in return we pledge to provide you with exceptional attention and medical care as we place you on a life-long path of health and wellness. Follow this link to learn more about Insurance and Payment options at TWIHW.

Contact us for more details or to schedule your appointment.