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Becoming Yourself

“I wonder what I will be when I grow up.” In my years working with adults, I’ve found that this is a very relevant question for us grownups too. In fact, as we grow, move away from home, love, and experience loss, we become very serious about ‘the question.’ We know we are not the same person we were when we were six, we’re just not sure why. From my personal observations, I am grateful our ideas about our identity change from childhood; otherwise the world would be filled with way too many ballerinas, princesses, and firefighters. So maybe for grownups, the question is not ‘what will I be when I grow up,’ but rather, ‘who am I today,’ and ‘who will I become tomorrow.’
Let’s look at our lifestyle for answers. We struggle with our many identities and define ourselves in many different terms: ‘I am a mother’, ‘I am a wife’, ‘I am an employee.’ Sometimes others try to define us with terms like ‘workaholic,’ ‘health nut,’ or ‘type A personality.’ The most unpleasant definitions are usually the ones that catch us by surprise, ‘you are a diabetic’ or ‘you have high blood pressure.’ And then one day it hits you and you ask yourself, “Have I become the person I intended to be?”
At achievebalance.org we’ve found that the answer lies not in the fact that change has occurred, but rather in our conscious choices in response to those changes. When we begin a wellness program, we are choosing to take control of our health and live intentionally. Unfortunately, even our best intentions can be met with resistance. You know what I mean; you are told to cut out salt and sugar, and the world seems to be on the new ‘doughnuts and French fries’ diet. Our reaction to this soon becomes apparent. We stop eating right, we exercise sporadically (if at all), and our goals and objectives fall by the wayside. Around New Years Eve most of us get the feeling that we need to clean up our act, so we begin ‘the question’ cycle all over again.
At achievebalance.org, we are counselors and consultants dedicated to breaking this cycle! We work with professionals like Dr. McManus to design a plan that will allow you to maintain the changes she is helping you to achieve. Following the plan is still up to you, but achievebalance.org will help you identify the barriers that keep you from making the conscious choices to maintain healthy life changes. We have consultants available to help you achieve your wellness goals, maintain your fitness and nutrition regimen, and even help you get organized. Remember, change is inevitable:

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