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Better Sleep and Less Anxiety with DHH-B

by Mila McManus, MD

            Haven’t found the perfect solution for better sleep and less anxiety yet?  DHH-B, sourced from the bark, leaves, and flowers of the houpo magnolia tree, may give you the relief you seek!  Used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, research is confirming the many potential benefits.

            The active ingredient is dihydrohonokiol-B and can be found in topical creams/oils, tea, and oral supplements. There are two particularly rich polyphenols found in DHH-B, magnolol and honokiol, highly valued for their antioxidant values.  Magnolia bark has traditionally been used to treat asthma, anxiety, depression, stomach disorders, and inflammation.  Magnolia bark boosts the activity of GABA, a neurotransmitter that produces a calming effect, slowing down the brain’s excitatory neurons, relieving anxiety, and enhancing sleep. It also activates cannabinoid receptors which contain calming compounds that help relax tight muscles. Magnolol has also been shown to reduce lipids and cholesterol. The bark contains another active compound called methylnokiol, which targets insulin resistance and prevents oxidative liver damage which can lead to diabetes.

            DHH-B should not be taken with alcohol and should be stopped two weeks prior to surgery due to its blood thinning effects. Moreover, it should not be taken if an anticoagulant drug is already being taken.  It also can negatively influence the effectiveness of anesthesia.  Pregnant women are also advised to avoid taking this supplement. Ask one of our medical providers if DHH-B is a good choice for you!





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