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Cognitive Health Assessment

We are SO excited to offer this new Cognitive Health Assessment by Cambridge Brain Sciences, 

a leading provider of simple and powerful online brain health assessment solutions.


Watch Dr. McManus explain in this 2 minute video:
Why you should test:
  • Quantify cognition
See a quantitative and objective measure of your cognitive health to help complement any existing subjective assessment methods you’re using as part of your care.
  • Track cognitive trends
See how your cognitive health is progressing, or detect early indications of cognitive decline that you may be worried about.
  • Educate yourself
Educate yourself and your family members on the core areas of cognition-like short-term memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability-that are fundamental to your quality of life.
Call our office at 281-298-6742 to purchase your test ($49-79)
and we’ll email you the link to take the test in the comfort of your home or office, at your convenience.
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