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Employee of the Month-Kayla Crowell

Kayla Crowell

Kayla Crowell is one of our administrative assistants.  As anyone knows, a whole lot of stuff lands on the desk of an administrative assistant.  She came to us in 2013, departed for a short time to be closer to her kids and ensure their care and now she’s back and we are all very thankful for so many reasons.  One of them is the nature of that administrative role and Kayla can handle it; all the duties, all the pressure, changes in direction, constant interruptions and just one more request for something to be done.  She is strong and assertive with an uncanny ability to learn quickly, multi-task and complete significant volumes of work consistently.  Everyone knows that if you hand off something to Kayla, it will get done.  She’s often one step ahead of the rest of us, anticipating and taking action before anyone else thinks of it. This dependability and work ethic is so greatly admired by the entire TWIHW team.   And then there’s the fun side of Kayla.  She has a colorful and passionate personality with a great sense of humor.  She makes us laugh constantly and can always find a positive side to every situation. If she is not busy with her jobs or children, you may find her riding a dirt bike or playing volleyball.  We know she can dance and she is great with celebrity impersonations.  This woman is just plain fun to be with.

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