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Essential Oils: Good for You, Dangerous for Pets?

By Mila McManus MD

Essential oils derive many potential health benefits for humans but are dangerous for your pets! They are used in many products.

Essential oils offer many potential health benefits for humans but are dangerous for your pets! Popular today, essential oils are used in many body and household products. They are in lotions, candles, and household cleaners. They can be diffused or applied directly to the human body. People all over the world are trading in their chemical-heavy household products for essential oil based products without an awareness of the potential harm to pets.

Why are they dangerous for pets, you ask?  Essential oils are very powerful, and their molecules are highly reactive compounds within our own bodies.  That is the characteristic that makes them powerful and generally favorable for humans but poisonous for pets, messing with the body chemistry of animals which is obviously different than that of humans.

In small quantities, and not applied directly to your pet or surfaces your pet inhabits, there may be no problem.  Generally however, it is recommended that you not use any essential oil on your pets or as remedies for pet maladies.  If you infuse them throughout your home, and have pets, you may want to consider if it is having a negative impact on your pet.

Common symptoms that could result from overexposure to essential oils in your pets include drooling, fatigue, pawing at the mouth or face, redness or burns on lips, tongue, skin, or gums, difficulty breathing, weakness, difficulty walking or stumbling, muscle tremors, and vomiting.  If your pet has these symptoms, contact your veterinarian or call the Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680.

Several brands of household cleaners are made to be pet friendly. Take a look at Puracy, Mrs. Myers, Seventh Generation, and Biokleen brands. Also consider making your own cleaners with vinegar and baking soda, both inexpensive and safe for pets.  One cup of white vinegar to one cup of water is an excellent all-purpose surface and window cleaner.

We vote for healthy people AND healthy pets!  Be well.


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