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We all know by now that we should supplement our diets with vitamins (even though most of us still do not). And in recent years, essential fatty acids (e.g., fish oil, flaxseed oil) have been added to the list of important supplements. Well, now there’s an emerging science called glycobiology, and evidence is mounting that we should all be supplementing our diets with essential sugars called glyconutrients. (Glyco=sugar).
It has been discovered that glycoproteins (proteins with sugar molecules attached) are necessary for proper cell function and communication. Every cell in your body has glycoproteins on it. There are over 200 sugars (carbohydrates) that have been discovered, but only 8 of them are incorporated into glycoproteins. Unfortunately, it’s also been discovered that our typical, modern-day diets readily contain only 2 out of these 8 sugars.
The race to unlock the ‘sugar code’ of life and healing has become top priority for major research universities and pharmaceutical companies. Four out of the last eight nobel prizes in physiology have been awarded to scientists studying glyconuntrients and how they work in the body. Studies confirm that these biologically active sugars
• dramatically raise the number of certain immune cells to fightinfection
• act as antioxidants
• protect the body against toxin and pollutant exposure
• slow premature aging
• decrease inflammation in diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis
• help immune cells recognize invaders due to a mutual ‘sugar exchange’ of information
• and enable cellular components to stick to each other initiating the right reactions
The implications here are enormous. Could this be the real missing link to good health? I’ve been researching glyconutrients for several months now and find the information fascinating and logical. I’ve heard testimonials from people ranging from a burn victim who didn’t scar, to several terminal cancer patients who are now cancer free, to people with severe auto-immune disorders who are now in remission. There was even a study conducted on 100 Alzheimer patients staying at an adult day care facility. At the end of six months, 61 of these patients were able to function at home. The researchers decided to continue the other 39 patients on a higher dose of the glyconutrients. The results are not available yet.
Some of these essential sugars are found in fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, more than 90% of us do not consume the daily recommended amounts of produce. Moreover, the produce that we do eat is nutrient-deficient due to depleted soil and modern harvesting practices. These essential sugars can also be found, to some degree, in fresh aloe vera, kelp, and certain mushrooms. Doesn’t sound to me like a very fulfilling diet! Well, there is a company called Mannatech that sells a patented product called Ambrotose, made up of the 6 essential sugars that are missing from our diets.
Ambrotose is safe for all ages. It’s considered a dietary supplement, just like vitamins. This supplement can be taken as a preventative, or can be used therapeutically for various disease processes.

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