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Healthy Halloween Trick or Treating

The costume stores are open and the decorations, candy, and treats are already starting to line the aisles at the local grocery and retail stores.  The Holiday Season is beginning again.  I don’t know about you, but if our family can just come out of the nutritional gate the right way at the end of October, we can get pretty organized and motivated to eat right throughout the holiday season.  Alternatively, if we give in at Halloween and start the candy and Starbucks pumpkin treats, it is a struggle to get back on track  and finish the season healthy and happy.  So for all of you struggling to keep yourself and the whole family on track, here are some ideas to start out right for candy free Halloween fun….

  • Ideal edible options for Trick or Treat snacks include mini raisin boxes, fresh small apples or tangerines, mini Lara Bars, mini KIND bars and mini bananas.
  • Everyone is thirsty during Trick or Treat, so offer mini bottles of water or Honest Kids Fruit Drinks, or homemade lemonade as a treat.
  • Fill up a basket with spooky scary stuff like plastic eye balls, slimy rubbery snakes and spiders, and fake fingers.
  • Include Halloween pencils, tiny books, writing tablets and mini Play Dough from the dollar store, Walmart, Michael’s or Target.
  • Glow Sticks, necklaces and wristbands increase safety during Trick or Treating and are a welcomed treat for all ages.
  • Give out stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Know that it is OK to run out of treats, turn off the lights and lock the door!
  • When your kids come home with their candy, allow them to keep a couple of pieces, and then negotiate a trade-in with you in exchange for a trip to the toy or dollar store.
  • Contact www.operationgratitude.com to help out our troops with your Halloween candy donation and show the kids how to give back.

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