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Healthy Children Make Healthy Adults

Here at TWIHW we are always hoping that everyone discovers wellness sooner rather than later. That goes for kids too!! Are you helping your kids to learn that their decisions about food, sleep, and exercise will impact them for a lifetime? Are you teaching them that they need to be responsible for their health?
Summer is a perfect time to introduce and explore some of these concepts with your kids. New habits are best created with practice, something that the summer months allow plenty of time to do. So now that summer has arrived and the pace has slowed, what are you doing to lead your children in the direction of good health rather than disease? Here are some important basics:
• Nutrition lies at the very core of good health. What does your child’s diet look like? Consider the possible benefits of improving nutrition.
• Determine how much exercise your child gets each day. What is his/her activity level? How much time is spent on computers, playing video games, or watching television? How much time is spent outdoors in the sunshine?
• Review your child’s sleep quantity and quality. Children, during growth years, need 8-10 hours of sleep every night. During sleep, the human body rebalances hormonal systems, recovers and heals, as well as detoxifies -all very critical processes for good health.
• Consider the possibility that your child may have environmental allergies and/or food allergies. Have you confirmed what they are and taken steps to remove or treat the allergens? (call 281-298-6742 for more information about our allergy testing for inhalant and food allergies)
• Lead by example! You need quality sleep, good nutrition, regular activity and sunshine too! When you prioritize good health, your children will follow your example.
Surprisingly, common childhood concerns such as allergies, asthma, weight problems, behavioral problems, ADD/ADHD, acne, skin rashes, picky eating, recurrent infections are most often related or connected to sleep, nutrition, physical activity, food allergies and lifestyle habits.
Are you wondering where to start? Let The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness get you and your child on a wellness track this summer. Our comprehensive wellness program for children, often referred to as “The Pediatric Program,” includes a complete wellness check up, treatment for yeast overgrowth (if needed), testing for food allergies and nutrient deficiencies, a customized vitamin and supplement regimen tailored to your child’s needs, and a nutrition consultation.

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