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His quality of life is so much better…

His quality of life is so much better...
My son, CJD, now 13 years old, has had a remarkable improvement in his health through the yeast cleanse, sub-lingual allergy drops (A-drops), and supplements that you prescribed.  Before coming to you, he suffered with severe allergies, asthma, eczema and constipation.  As a baby and a young child, he was so sick and seemed to get worse with age and more traditional medical treatments.  After 3 weeks of the yeast cleanse, the scabs and wounds, from scratching his skin until he would bleed from the eczema, completely disappeared and have not returned.  He has not missed but one or two days of school due to illness this past school year, and his allergic reactions are fewer and not as severe as before the cleanse and the A-drops.  His quality of life is so much better thanks to the treatment plan recommended by you.

Many thanks,

Laurie D.

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