“Doing Awesome!”

A. is doing awesome! Tomorrow is actually day 6.  Being off the probiotic was hard on her but she’s doing much better now.  Tell Dr. McManus that she is a blessing from heaven because since the Wednesday night after her appointment A. has been falling asleep at night so quickly and staying asleep!!!!!  I feel like a new person and she is feeling great too.  Hug her for me.  I think the CBD oil is really helping her.

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“Yippy Skippy Hooray!”

This patient had been on our protocols for only a few weeks when we received this email:

“Today is the first day in 1 and a 1/2 years that I have NOT HAD A MIGRAINE!  Yippy Skippy Hooray!!!  Thank You!”

-L. T.

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“Superb attention to my progress!”

Superb attention to my progress!

“I was referred here [TWIHW] by a friend. I was looking for the right place to assist me with improving my health and to lose some weight. This was exactly what I needed. Excellent staff! Superb attention to my progress!”

-Tony L.


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“Do Yourself A Favor”

Do Yourself A Favor

“I have been a patient at TWIHW for several months now. I love that Dr. McManus treats each patient as an individual – there’s no cookie cutter formula or one-size fits all solution used in her practice. Instead, she’s committed to finding answers to my very complicated, very individual, and very long-standing health issues. Most of the doctors I’ve seen get frustrated and throw their hands up, not knowing what to do next. But, I know Dr. McManus has a variety of ideas about my treatment that we’re trying in a systematic and thoughtful way. After each visit, I get a written summary from Dr. McManus about what we discussed, as well as next steps. I’ve never experienced this level of communication with a health care professional. The staff at TWIHW are top notch as well – incredibly friendly and personable while being professional and compassionate. Tami, Diane, Nancy and Kim make every visit something I look forward to and even enjoy. If you’ve been on the fence about trying all that TWIHW has to offer, do yourself a favor, and take that step toward better health now, so you can start the New Year off on the right foot.”



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ONDAMED Results in 3 months!


Feedback from a patient K.H. who’s been having ONDAMED sessions for the past 3 months:

Really had significant things happen…

  • Went from constipated to regular BMs.
  • Lost 15 lbs without changing diet.
  • moved from depressed moods to better moods. 

Just to name a few!

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“Win, Win. Hurray!”

Win, Win. Hurray!


I’m doing very well. No more die off symptoms. My pain has been greatly diminished. I have much more range of motion in my arms, getting up out of my lounge chair is no longer extremely painful. No more gastrointestinal bloating anywhere. I am slowly losing weight. I have not had to take pain relievers or Nexium since starting the (clean) diet. My skin has cleared up considerably. Win, Win hurray!!! I am so appreciative to my dear friend for recommending wonderful Dr. McManus and her staff for my journey into healing from the dietary war on our bodies and minds. It amazes me how food has become our bodies enemy. How what you could once eat with no problems builds to a toxic crescendo limiting your life in so many painful and mind altering ways. I look forward to working with you all going forward on a new healthier lifestyle.

Thank you!


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“I am feeling thankful…”

I am feeling thankful...

Hello, Dr. McManus,

I am feeling thankful for the care you and the staff gave me on Tuesday and want to say THANK YOU for seeing me immediately, assessing my symptoms and beginning treatment before I even left your office – I am still feeling that steroid shot in my “gluts” so I know the stuff was definitely going in! 
The early shingles diagnosis and therapy made a huge difference!  (Unless a mean old relapse shakes things up,) I am already losing the symptoms rapidly and feeling comfortable again.
I appreciate you and your staff for many reasons and have for a long time… this is one more to add to the list!
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“I feel so blessed to have you as my doctor.”

I feel so blessed to have you as my doctor.

” I feel so blessed to have you as my doctor and REALLY appreciate your passion and commitment – may God bless you for all you do❣️ “- from B.P.

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“I feel like I turned a corner this last week.”

I feel like I turned a corner this last week.

“I’m feeling much better this week. Not near as much pain or nervousness as before and more energy and clarity in my thinking. I actually felt good enough to work on my taxes and get them to the CPA!

My sleep improved dramatically.

Like I said, my pain levels are dramatically down. Not completely of course, but I’ve had 2 muscle relaxers in 5 or 6 days compared to 3 times a day.

I feel like I turned a corner this last week.”



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“It was life changing!”

It was life changing!

“About five months ago, I made an appointment with Dr. McManus about some digestive problems I have been having for the last few years.  I thought it was just getting older and there was nothing I could do about it.  Dr. McManus told me about the yeast cleanse, so I thought I would give it a try, not expecting much.  After 10 days on the diet and eating healthier, I had amazing improvements to my digestive system and felt so much better.  It was life changing! I discovered I was sensitive to certain foods and once I eliminated them from my diet, I am so much better.  I don’t have all the cravings and extreme energy swings I used to have either.  I highly recommend this program. It has changed my life for the better!”  – Pat B

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