“I feel like I turned a corner this last week.”

I’m feeling much better this week. Not near as much pain or nervousness as before and more energy and clarity in my thinking. I actually felt good enough to work on my taxes and get them to the CPA!

My sleep improved dramatically.

Like I said, my pain levels are dramatically down. Not completely of course, but I’ve had 2 muscle relaxers in 5 or 6 days compared to 3 times a day.

I feel like I turned a corner this last week.



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“It was life changing!”

“About five months ago, I made an appointment with Dr. McManus about some digestive problems I have been having for the last few years.  I thought it was just getting older and there was nothing I could do about it.  Dr. McManus told me about the yeast cleanse, so I thought I would give it a try, not expecting much.  After 10 days on the diet and eating healthier, I had amazing improvements to my digestive system and felt so much better.  It was life changing! I discovered I was sensitive to certain foods and once I eliminated them from my diet, I am so much better.  I don’t have all the cravings and extreme energy swings I used to have either.  I highly recommend this program. It has changed my life for the better!”  – Pat B

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“I finally feel like I have a Doctor that is my partner in wellness.”

I was in bad shape when I made my initial visit to Dr McManus. I had been able to manage my Hashimotos previously so I knew my then-current physicians were not getting at the root of the problem. Dr. McManus has turned me around in a few short months. It’s happening faster than I even thought possible. She has an amazing staff and she is a powerhouse of information and ideas. I finally feel like I have a Doctor that is my partner in wellness. I only wish I had found her earlier in my Thyroid journey, but I am so happy to be here now.

-Kathy S.

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“I am so glad I found Dr. McManus.”

I am so glad I found Dr. McManus.

After going to 5 doctors in conventional medicine I finally decided to branch out to functional medicine. I am so glad I found Dr. McManus. She treated each one of my many symptoms which ranged from anxiety, awful reflux, sleep issues, moodiness, but most of all a nerve issue. She set out a detailed plan with diet, supplements and testing. I felt so much better after the diet reset and taking the proper nutrients my body so desperately needed. Dr. McManus’ whole staff is extremely well trained to help you with anything that comes up. I loved the weekly email check-ins while on the diet cleanse. They give you the resources to help you and they really want you to feel your very best.

From Lana P.


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“Continuing to Stay Strong”

Continuing to Stay Strong

Good Morning Dr. McManus,

I thought I would start your morning off with some good news.

T’s health is continuing to stay strong. She made it through the second little bug since the summer – again with no antibiotics or steroids needed to clear the congestion…and no secondary infections. 🙂

Additionally, she is now ranked #3 in the state in women’s pole vault and acing all her senior classes.

R has not deviated a bit from the health reset protocol and has minimum flare ups from his gout. He is down 20 lbs and not slowing down.

Thanks again to your entire team for your program, expertise and support. You and your team are very appreciated and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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“Best Decision I Have Made!”

Best Decision I Have Made!
I found Dr. McManus through a friend and I’m so glad that I did! My weight was spiraling out of control and I was just miserable! I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago and never really had anyone “manage” my HRT, I needed help. She helped me balance my hormones to help me work on weight loss and it worked! I was finally able to sleep without sleeping pills and my weight started to go down! Dr. McManus and her staff are just amazing! They really helped me in a time when I was just desperate for a change, best decision I have made! Thank you!

-Kristi N.

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“I feel more like myself”

I feel more like myself
Hi Sandra-

Thank YOU for your continued patience & support with me over the years. After the B-shot, Ondamed treatment yesterday & starting back on supplements Saturday, I’m feeling much better (at least 75% better).  Given how badly I was feeling, it feels miraculous! 🙂

I  feel more like myself today, (with) improved flexibility/mobility/energy.



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“That day changed my life.”

That day changed my life.

I had a complete hysterectomy in my late thirties and the shift in hormones lead to a 75 pound overall weight gain despite “healthy eating” and exercise.  On November 20, 2014, I had met with Dr. McManus regarding my frustration and she suggested a Ketogenic way of eating.  That day changed my life.  After scientific research which educated me on the correct way to follow a nutritional Ketogenic way of eating.  I have continued eating a Ketogenic Diet for over 3 years and have gone from 45+% Body Fat to 25%, with a goal of 20%.  It is a sustainable and maintainable way of eating and has led me to continuing my education as I continue to build muscle and burn fat.  –Lisa A.

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“I am extremely thankful and grateful”

I am extremely thankful and grateful

Dr. McManus, because Thanksgiving is upon us, I was thinking about things I am grateful for. Simply put, I am extremely thankful and grateful for you, your staff and the work that you do. The more I interact with you and your staff, the more I appreciate each of you. I am very thankful to God for you. He has used you to bless me and many, many others. You could have done many things with your life and taken many different directions but you used your trials and tribulations to help others instead of wallowing in self pity and bitterness. Thank you also for standing up for the truth. It takes courage to do that especially in the face of criticism. You are a doctor, a woman and a person of principle and that is a blessing to all of us. May God, who is sovereign, merciful, loving, forgiving and just, bless you with every good thing. May He fill you with His wisdom and give you His peace, courage, strength and love all the days of your life. May His light continue to shine through you so that others may see your good works and glorify Him.

Sincerely, J & M

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“I felt better the first week!”

I felt better the first week!

I can’t say enough about Dr. McManus and her awesome staff. I love that you can email or call and ask questions whenever you have a need.
I needed to find something to help me feel better. I was taking antihistamines, meds for acid reflux, have food allergies and seasonal allergies, joint pain with inflammation in my entire body, weight gain and cholesterol medicine. The medicines I was taking were just covering up the symptoms.
I started with the yeast cleanse – I felt better the first week and have continued to feel less pain, reduced acid reflux and just feel better in general. After the yeast cleanse I started on the weight loss program. I’m loosing weight and feel so much better.

Looking forward to a much healthier me!

from L.G.

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