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“I honestly did not think I would have seen the benefits so soon.”

from   L.S.

I am definitely seeing the benefits of this cleanse and all the supplements Dr. McManus prescribed. I have more energy, my skin is beautiful, and for the first time I don’t have swelling in my hands and feet (so bad I want to amputate). My pain is about 10% better. But, the best thing I have noticed (for the first time in my life) I am never hungry or crave anything. Trust me I have tried all the DIETs: healthy eating / organic/ algae-E3 Live/ Isagenics/ pills/ cleans/ Eat right for your blood type/ Keto/ Paleo/ Mega Cleans/ Starvation/ and fad DIETs and all I do is DIE every time. Lol.  I finally have hope today, instead of wishing I would die or better, someone put me out of this misery. I honestly did not think I would have seen the benefits so soon. I am losing weight. I lost 7 lbs. I don’t even care about the number, I’m just glad all my work is paying off and I can fit in my clothes comfortably.  Thanks, and tell Dr. McManus she is an Angel

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“I’m more healthy and I have lost over 100lbs.”

I’m more healthy and I have lost over 100lbs.

I started the yeast cleanse diet in March of 2019. With the help of Dr. McManus and Nancy, I was able to work through it, do some things my own way, and take it slow. I’ve been eating better since. I’m more healthy and I have lost over 100lbs. I have a better self-image and more confidence. The photo(s) was taken in December 2019.

-E. W.

Photos courtesy of E.W.

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“I feel better than I have in years!”

I feel better than I have in years!

Thanks to Dr. McManus, I feel better than I have in years! My sleep and mood is greatly improved; I no longer suffer with seasonal allergy symptoms; my libido is greatly improved; and, I have more energy to do the things I love. I would highly recommend Dr. McManus and her Staff at The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness to anyone looking for a more natural, holistic approach to better health!

Leslie E.

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“It’s like a switch turned on…”

It's like a switch turned on…

“Different things helped different symptoms but by far the most helpful for my extreme fatigue was the addition of iodine and selenium. It’s like it turned a switch on to help my thyroid. The NAC helped tremendously with getting rid of my excess phlegm. It is almost gone! The addition of the liposomal glutathione was a great addition for detoxing. Sleep is SOOOO much better. I feel like I am finally moving forward!!! It has taken awhile and continues to be a journey. I am blessed to have a team that is willing to be open and try different things!”

Thanks and God Bless,


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“When you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything!”

When you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything!

After having babies I packed on the pounds. Working full time with a very demanding career and having 2 small children I felt like my entire life was out of control. Photos from a recent trip to Florida for my cousins wedding were a real wake-up call for me.  The person in those pictures was not me, nor was that the body I wanted to be in for the rest of my life.  I weighed over 200 pounds with a horrible rash on my face, dry unhealthy looking skin and uncomfortable back pain. I did not look healthy nor did I feel healthy.  The last thing I wanted was for my children to grow up with a mother who resembles the fat lady who sits on the couch all day eating nutty bars and potato chips. Since we are talking about food, I will admit that I knew which foods to avoid (fast food, sodas, processed foods, etc.), but there was still that underlying feeling that I didn’t really KNOW how to eat healthy. My lifestyle was not very flattering to say the least. The world can be a cruel place, and unfortunately I often intercepted derogatory vibes from people – a sense of not being valued or truly respected, almost to the point of people being annoyed when I was in their presence – that is my past.

I needed a physical. My biggest hurdle was finding a Doctor who would meet my needs. I’ve always been a firm believer that the human body is an amazing machine that has the ability to heal itself. I needed a doctor who shared my philosophy of healthful living, not the type of who pushes prescriptions and tells their patients to come back if those drugs don’t work. I went online in search of a Doctor in the Spring/Woodlands area who was somewhere in between the pill pushing physician and the holistic witch doctor. I found TWIHW! It took me a couple of weeks to convince myself this was the right thing to do, which didn’t take much convincing.

I was very excited that I would finally get some blood work done and have my situation diagnosed and be on the road to improving my overall health. Looking back I can say that the end result well exceeded any expectations I had. When I initially made my appointment with Kim Beale she asked if I would be interested in doing the Medical Weight loss protocol. I immediately said no with the mindset that I didn’t want a “quick fix.” I needed a lifestyle change! After much thought and research about their program, I thought, “hey why not? I’m probably putting worse things in my body the way that I’m eating.” I decided to go for it with the idea that it would at least give me a good kick start.

I remember my first appointment like it was yesterday. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I felt somewhat overwhelmed with all the changes I had to make. How would I remember all this information? I took a deep breath and told myself it would be ok. I was provided all kinds of resources and an open invitation from the staff to call anytime I had questions or needed help.

Dr. McManus recommended good quality supplements and I continue to take those. The medical weight loss protocol was a piece of cake. I don’t see a need to do the protocol again as my change in lifestyle has enabled me to maintain a healthy weight. I feel great! After completing it, I did the yeast cleanse for 28 days, that to was easy. I was amazed at how my skin cleared up, my energy levels are up and I continued to drop weight.  My favorite part of the yeast cleanse was the consultation with Nancy Mehlert. She was AWESOME! I learned so much from Nancy and I think this was actually the missing link in my life, proper nutrition and eating. Thank you Nancy!

One thing that stands out, during my meeting with Dr. McManus, I was asked if I was addicted to food. At the time I said no, but now I wonder. I really have learned what foods are my friend and what foods I need to avoid. I’ve connected the dots I now realize the connection (for me) of how certain foods played a role in my life and may have been consumed to satisfy feelings.

Finally, a real boost for anyone’s self-esteem, all the compliments I get from people. I hear things like, “You look phenomenal! You look like you did in High School, you look like a whole different person, I didn’t even recognize you. You look healthy! Wow, what have you done? How much weight have you lost? I didn’t realize how big you were.”  I find that most people are intrigued by this transformation, including myself – did I really look that bad? I am amazed at how differently people treat you when you look and feel good. I’ve noticed a spark in them, their eyes light up and they take time to interact. People want to know what I eat. Most of the delicious healthy foods that Nancy introduced me to, my friends and family have never heard of. I’ve even had people tell me that I’ve been an inspiration for them.  The best way to describe my transformation – it feels like I finally got out of a BAD relationship and I’m free!

Dr. McManus, I share this with you because I want you to know that what you and your staff are doing is awesome.  Being associated with TWIHW has changed my life! I give myself credit for sticking to the program, but I also credit TWIHW for fostering an environment that breeds success! I have more confidence, more energy, I rarely get situational anxiety anymore (which has plagued me ever since I can remember) and I have a positive outlook on life. Your words still echo in my head from my consultation back in May when I express the fact of how sad it was that I use to be a collegiate athlete and how my (now past) lifestyle was pretty much sedentary. 6 months ago I never thought I was capable of being so active feeling young again. I was stuck in the mindset that this is the way my life was meant to be after childbirth, you gain weight and you drive the kids around, never to feel young and active again. Dr. McManus, you told me that I needed to “do something, even if it’s just 15 minutes”. I live by that message every day, and I hear those words you spoke to me especially when the voice in my head says you don’t have time to exercise. To this day, your words still motivate me to “do something, even if it’s just 15 minutes!”

Being healthy is priceless. The cost for my wellness program was well worth every penny! Looking back I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing. When you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything!

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“I am already feeling like a new person.”

I am already feeling like a new person.

“Here is the good part, I am already feeling like a new person. I am amazed that I am not far along with the protocol and I have great energy, no depression at all, I am able to take care of my four year old grandson and do the routine chores here since my daughter has started a high pressure new job. I am doing good on the diet and feel I am starting to lose some weight.”
– L.P.

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“I have a whole new life!”

I have a whole new life!

I battled severe IBS for years until I came to see Dr. McManus. She and her staff saved the day after ordering a special stool test and food sensitivity test, giving me a treatment plan to cleanse, and optimizing my supplement regimen. Hallelujah! I have a whole new life! They discovered a parasite as well as 3 food sensitivities. Dr. McManus and staff really cared.  And listened. And followed up. And still cared.  Studies show these matter to effectiveness of treatment.

Forever grateful,


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“Now I owe her my life”

Now I owe her my life

Dr. McManus is an amazing doctor to help with any and all medical needs. I have been coming here for weight loss, allergies and Ondamed. Being a 30 year smoker she suggested that we try the Ondamed treatment and now I owe her my life. After one treatment I have not wanted nor craved a cigarette and have been smoke free for two months. My husband is now under her care for Eczema. She is working closely with him to help solve his issues. We highly recommend The Woodlands Institute to help with all your needs.


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“I feel better than I have in 7 years”

I feel better than I have in 7 years

Good Morning. When we first met, you asked me, “What are 3 things you want to change”? For me, I only wanted to change one thing, and by changing this one thing, # 2, #3, and anything else I wanted to change, would eventually fall into place. That #1 thing was to feel better inside this body. I didn’t put much stock in Ondamed, just like I didn’t put much stock into anything else people told me that, “well this works for 90% of all people”, for the past 6 years. Luckily, Ondamed put more stock into me than I did it. When I woke up this morning, I felt better than I have in probably the past 7 years. I didn’t wake up feeling like a truck ran me over, backed up, ran me over again and asked me to change the oil while I was down there. Putting things in perspective: I didn’t Mary Lou Retton off the mattress, but I was far from Robert DeNiro in the movie Awakenings. There isn’t really anything specific I can point out that changed, other than after the session, the headache that I walked in with was gone, and my dizzy symptoms have reduced a lot (knock on wood). That one session of Ondamed did more for me than doctors, tests and diets have done in the past 6 years. Thank you very much for the help, and have a good weekend.

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“Doing Awesome!”

Doing Awesome!

A. is doing awesome! Tomorrow is actually day 6.  Being off the probiotic was hard on her but she’s doing much better now.  Tell Dr. McManus that she is a blessing from heaven because since the Wednesday night after her appointment A. has been falling asleep at night so quickly and staying asleep!!!!!  I feel like a new person and she is feeling great too.  Hug Dr. M for me.  I think the Hemp oil is really helping her.

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