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Introducing the CGM Program! 

cgm sensor and app view for TWIHW CGM Program
CGM Sensor and App preview

What is it?  CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitor.  It is a device worn on the arm that provides the wearer with detailed information about how food, stress level, sleep quality, and activities impact blood sugar.

Stabilizing blood sugar is a foundational key to overall good health for everyone.

Who benefits from wearing a CGM? 

Anyone and everyone who wants to:

  • Optimize health and feel better.
  • Lose weight but finds it difficult to do so.
  • Understand how your unique body functions in relation to the foods you eat, your stress level, sleep quality, and activities.
  • Better manage diabetes.
  • Prevent low blood sugar.
  • Alleviate brain fog, fatigue, and mood swings.
  • Stop sugar cravings.
  • Reduce chances of getting a lifestyle disease [i.e., heart, autoimmune, cancer, diabetes, etc.]


  • Ongoing spiking of blood glucose leads to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Blood sugar spikes also affect metabolic function, leading to permanent damage.
  • The chronic spiking of blood glucose causes weight gain, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and the inability to utilize your fat stores as fuel.
  • Spiking your blood glucose also leads to a multitude of symptoms such as sugar cravings, extreme hunger pangs, energy crashes, brain fog, moodiness, digestive issues, trouble sleeping, waking up with heart palpitations, acne, inflammation, anxiety, and frequent colds.
  • To help you develop a healthy nutritional lifestyle by determining what triggers your blood sugar spikes so that you can balance your blood sugar.

The CGM Program includes:                 ($699 for current patients, $799 for new patients)     

  • Initial appointment with a medical provider [labs ordered if necessary]
  • Two Metacheck metabolism tests provide basal metabolic rate, caloric needs, and rate of metabolism.
  • There are two appointments with the nutritionist to examine, understand, and process the results captured by the CGM sensor—assistance with lifestyle and dietary adjustments to achieve your goals.
  • One meal plan that incorporates your specific dietary needs.
  • E-mail check-ins.
  • Two CGMs -one to wear initially and then again after two months. This also includes the Theia application download, where the patient will also keep track of activities and food intake to correlate with the CGM results. Results will be available in the app and at TWIHW with each nutrition follow-up appointment.

 For more explanation regarding our need for glucose, click here


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