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How worried are you about flu season? Well, there’s no need to panic. Don’t believe the hype. There are 2 ways to lie. With statistics, and without! Last statistics I heard were that 1,000,000 had been infected with swine flu, and about 500 have died. That is 0.05%. And the majority of those killed had chronic health problems such as asthma or cerebral palsy.
I found an article that was so well written, it saved me the work, so instead of writing a lengthy article and reinventing the wheel, I’m inserting this link and I highly encourage you to read this!!
Are you confused about vaccines? to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate? I found another great resource and encourage you to visit www.homefirst.com. This is Dr. Eisenstein’s website and I had the pleasure of speaking with him at a conference I recently attended where he was a speaker.
So what can you do about flu season? First of all, if you are not healthy/well, you need to get there, and fast. If you are on a wellness path which includes eating right and taking vitamins, you have little to worry about.
I have a few recommendations to help you make it through flu season without a hitch:
• Vitamin D (make sure you serum level of 25-OH vitamin D is at least 50)*
• carry hand sanitizer and use it often
• Don’t eat with your hands! Think about where they’ve been and everything you’ve touched prior to picking up that food and putting it in your mouth
• Silver Sol-for prevention and/or treatment**
• zinc-25mg a day through the season (Oct thru March)
• Multivitamin
• Vitamin C 1,000mg 2 to 3 times a day***

*I’ve talked to experts recently at a conference who recommend 50,000iu vitamin D3 daily for 3 to 5 days at first signs of flu/cold, and then 5,000 to 10,000iu daily thereafter for maintenance for an adult. And for a child, up to 1000iu per pound per day for 3 to 5 days, then 2000-5000iu daily thereafter. It’s important to have your serum levels followed by your healthcare provider. Please remember that the normal reference range for vitamin D is HUGE and you want to avoid being in the lower half.

**Silver Sol is something I discovered recently. It’s much more potent than regular colloidal silver. We carry it in the liquid form and the gel form. You can apply it to wounds, use it as a nasal spray, drink it, douche with it, and even nebulize it! There are numerous studies proving its efficacy in killing bacteria, parasites, yeast, and viruses. It’s perfectly safe, non-toxic, and has no drug interactions. Consider using this for flu season as a preventative. Keep in mind, however, that it will also kill good bacteria so it’s important to take a probiotic while you are using this orally. I recommend a probiotic (at least 10 billion potency) twice daily while using Silver Sol, and take it between Silver sol doses, NOT with them.

***Vitamin C is very important for the immune system and supports the adrenal glands. It may cause diarrhea in sensitive individuals, typically at doses higher than 4000mg a day, but sometimes with as little as 500mg. Vitamin C is also important for heart health and has natural antihistamine properties at higher doses.
article by Mila McManus MD
Disclaimer: Do not add any supplements to your current regimen without first discussing with your health care provider.

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