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Once a skeptic

Once a skeptic

I cannot say enough good things about the Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness [TWIHW]. I became a patient in the latter part of 2013 because conventional medicine had failed me. I was skeptical to say the least – the myriad of doctors I’d already seen hadn’t been able to help so what was going to be different at TWIHW, other than this time I was paying for it out of pocket?

I presented with chronic migraines, back and neck pain, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, and intestinal problems.  Following the yeast free diet plan and the specially formulated vitamin regime I noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms. The only lingering issue I am dealing with is continuing migraines, but even they have decreased in both frequency and severity!

If I had only known about how much more successful I was going to be with purely a change in diet and the addition of vitamins and nutrients my body was lacking in, I would have gone to TWIHW several years ago. Instead I went from one doctor to the next, blindly trusting that they knew what they were doing.

If you are like me and feel that you are at your wit’s end, riddled with pain and frustration, I thoroughly recommend you give TWIHW an opportunity to address your issues. You will not be disappointed.

Yours very truly,
Claire M.

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