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Do you remember your first day of school? For the first time, you marched into a classroom and you were expected to learn to operate and function along with other children in the classroom. You had to be able to get along well with others, be quiet, sit still, listen, and follow instructions while also functioning with some degree of independence to do your work. Just like kids go to school to be molded and shaped to bring out their best talents, when you eat, your food joins a classroom of other nutrients in the body that work synergistically together to generate energy and optimal functioning for your entire cellular make up. So what happens when you eat foods to which you are sensitive or allergic? Well, that food is the classroom clown or bully who constantly interrupts the smooth operation of the classroom. Less work gets done, fewer results are generated and the teacher is irritated and frustrated. Live well. Eat well. Part of a successful nutritional lifestyle is to know and avoid the foods that disrupt your body’s ability to achieve wellness. Get rid of the bully in the classroom.

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