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It is interesting to note that the reasons we die today are very different than the reasons we died 100 years ago. In the 1900’s, death was frequently a result of a communicable disease such as tuberculosis or the flu. Today, degenerative diseases top the charts and include heart disease, cancer and stroke. Degeneration is the break down and death of cells caused by inadequate antioxidants and an over-supply of free radical or oxidized molecules. These free radicals damage our cells resulting in cell death and tissue damage (degeneration). They also speed the aging process causing age-related problems such as memory loss and wrinkles.
Now, think about the opposite word: regeneration. This suggests renewal, rebirth and the making of new cells. When our body obtains an adequate supply of antioxidants, preventing cell death and tissue damage, cells and tissues are able to multiply, repair, and function optimally. This means we retain good brain function and memory along with soft, elastic skin and good energy levels and a body free of disease. Our hopes of maintaining youth and good cognitive function rests in getting those essential fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds that are host to a multitude of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which fight to destroy free radicals. Working to increase our intake of these essential choices along with quality protein and undamaged fats can result in a sharp mind and a high quality of life as we age.
Contributed by Nancy Mehlert

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