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First Protect, Fight If You Must

By Nancy Mehlert, MS

Photo Courtesy of I Had Cancer .Com

That “C” word still tends to infuse fear into our hearts when we, or someone we hold dear, is diagnosed with cancer.  Unfortunately, we live in a time where cancer is pervasive and common. There are many good reasons to believe that food has played a large role in the increase of cancer today.  That can be good news in the sense that lifestyle changes can help to prevent cancer or to tackle cancer cells if you already have it. Here are the top three anti-cancer nutrition strategies.

ONE:   Glucose feeds many cancers – Every carbohydrate is formed by glucose and fiber molecules.  Vegetables are more fiber, very little glucose.  Fruits have increasing amounts of glucose but some fiber.  Grains (e.g. wheat, rice, corn, oats…) are primarily glucose and little or no fiber. Obviously, sugars of every kind in candy or any other food turn to glucose. Minimizing glucose intake by reducing sugar and excess carbohydrates (grains, potato, sweets) is foundational in any anti-cancer strategy.

TWO:  Avoid Food Chemicals –  Eat real food.  Most chemicals at a minimum are toxic and inflammatory to the body and many are proven carcinogens.  There are very few laws in place preventing food producers from using them.  They are most pervasive in packaged, fast, and restaurant foods.

THREE: Eat plenty of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy, undamaged fats.  These are the foods that provide the anti-cancer effects, boost micro-nutrients and provide major vitamins that guard against cancer.  They also ward off inflammation, a precursor to most lifestyle diseases, cancer included.

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