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3 Quick Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips


  1. 1. If you run a stainless steel skewer through the middle of a sweet potato before putting it in the oven, it will cook faster. The metal absorbs the heat and helps to cook the potato from the inside out. Doing this reduces baking time by up to 50%!


  1. 2. One way to make cabbage and kale more palatable, raw or cooked, is to break it down by massaging it with your hands.  After you wash it, put shredded cabbage or torn pieces of kale in a bowl. Lightly salt and add a little lemon or lime juice and then, after washing your hands well, knead and massage the vegetables for 2 minutes to soften them.  This will take away the leathery texture of kale and the severity of the coarseness of cabbage.  Then make your salad or cook the veggies.


  1. 3. Never put away left overs without portioning them into single servings.  You will always have food for the road, ready to pack and go.

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