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CGM’s – Continuous Glucose Monitors

A Weight Management Option For Understanding Yourself Better 

by Mila McManus, MD

Continuous Glucose Monitors, or CGM’s, are a breakthrough in biomedical technology. They help individuals to track blood sugar in real time.

Continuous Glucose Monitors [CGM’s] are a more recent breakthrough in biomedical technology. In a minimally invasive way, CGM’s help individuals to track blood sugar in real time.  While the only perfectly accurate glucose reading is by getting a blood glucose tests from a lab, wearers of a CGM can gain meaningful information regarding how their unique metabolism responds to food combinations, as well as to stress, sleep, and exercise.

These devices are helping people to understand the unique aspects of their metabolism,  which is directly influenced by genetic make-up, eating habits, and overall health (e.g., thyroid function, hormone balance, muscle mass, chronic stress, poor sleep, disease, toxins, and inflammation). Research is showing that there are significant differences in how each of our bodies manages glucose. 

When you wear a CGM, it informs you in real time of what food combinations elevate your blood glucose excessively and which combinations keep it stable. Data patterns can be sent to an app on your phone for evaluation and to increase understanding of your own biochemical response to food, stress, exercise, and sleep. As a result, you are able to make lifestyle changes that directly impact your weight, healing journey, and wellness.

If you are interested in finding our more about a CGM, ask your medical provider if this is a good option for you.  

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