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SOT (Supportive Oglionucleotide Therapy) For Lyme and Other Infections

By Mila McManus MD

RGCC lab has facilities globally and offers cutting edge testing and integrative therapies for infections and cancers.

SOT (Supportive Oglionucleotide Therapy) is a treatment that effectively silences the genes that are expressed in microbes’ genomes that are allowing them to survive. Your chromosomes contain genes which consist of strings of nucleotides.  These nucleotides are ‘read’ by RNA.  The RNA is then translated into proteins and this is how genes are expressed.  SOT is called ‘anti-sense’ which means it creates a string of nucleotides which bind to the RNA, rendering it ineffective, and therefore it cannot be translated into proteins. By silencing genes that are critical for the microbes’ survival, the microbes will die. SOT will kill the microbes without harming the body; however, as with any other therapy used to treat infections, herxheimer reactions can occur.  This is also known as ‘die-off’ or ‘healing crisis’.  We have a protocol in place for patients to follow that will mitigate the incidence and severity of herxheimer symptoms.  SOT is administered intravenously every 4 to 6 months as needed and remains active in the body for 24-28 weeks. Most people require 1 to 2 SOT infusions per microbe.  Furthermore, if a person has Borrelia and co-infections, treating the most active infection may allow the body’s immune system to recover enough to handle the other infections on its own.


RGCC offers a highly sensitive PCR test for Lyme and other infections.  With these results, a patient will know what infections are present, as well as which ones are most active/prevalent.   The lab then uses these results to make the SOT, and it is very specific to each microbe.  The PCR test must be repeated prior to each SOT because microbes often mutate and the SOT’s target gene may change.  Once your blood is drawn at our office and shipped to the lab in Greece, results typically take 3 to 4 weeks.  And once SOT is ordered, it will be custom made and arrive at our office in another 3 to 4 weeks. 


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For a list of the bacteria and viruses for which SOT can be made, click here.

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PrimeSpot and SOT

The following microbes are available for PrimeSpot testing and SOT:

HSV1— (Human Simplex Virus-Oral-Facial)
HSV2— (Human Simplex Virus-Genital)
HHV6 (A & B)— (Human Herpes Virus 6)
CMV— (Cytomegalovirus)
VZV— Varicella-zoster (shingles)
EBV— (Epstein Barr)
HPV (16/18) — Human papillomavirus
HPV (6/11) — Human papillomavirus
HBV— (hepatitis B)
HCV — (hepatitis C)
HIV— (human immunodeficiency virus)
XMVR— (Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-related Virus) SOT is NOT available at this time but is tested.
HTLV1— (human T-cell lymphotropic virus)

1) Borrelia mayonii
2) Borrelial burgdorferi
3) Borrelia garinii
4) Borrelial bissettii
5) Borrelial bavariensis
6) Borrelia miyamotoi
7) Bartonella—B. henselae, B. bacilliformis, B. vinsonii, B. quintana
8) Candidatus Borrelia tachyglossi
9) Borrelial valaisiana
10) Borrelial afzelii
11) Borrelial finlandensis
12) Babesia microti
13) Babesia bigemina
14) Babesia divergens
15) Babesia duncani
16) Babesia bovis

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