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Nutrition Nugget: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites

Check It Out – Portable packaging, Dessert Cookie, Breakfast or Lunchbox treat…..

Every once in a while, I see some really great new products that I know our readers will want.  Here is one you need to check out:

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites come in a larger bag or individual snack bags. I found them at HEB in the Healthy Living section next to the chia, hemp and dried berries shelf and they are also available on line at vitacost.com and thrivemarket.com. Do you remember Pecan Sandies? That is what these remind me of in texture and enjoyment but thankfully they are chock full of good nutrition. My favorite flavor is the Cinnamon and they work great with my morning tea as a breakfast. They come in chocolate and original too.  For 230 calories in the bag and 15 grams of healthy fat, 15 grams of carbohydrate, 3 of which are fiber and the modest but helpful 10 grams of protein, it makes for a well-rounded food to enjoy. They do contain sugar so those with allergies or trying to reduce sugar or lose weight, you may simply want to enjoy a smaller portion such as 2-4 of the cookie bites rather than the serving size, which is 10 pieces. That makes them great for everyone.

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