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Dietary Stressors

by Nancy Mehlert, MS

What and how we eat can impact our body’s ability to cope with extra electromagnetic radiation. That may sound strange, but what I mean is that we often have dietary habits that ADD TO metabolic stress rather than minimize or reduce it.   Overall stress reduction on the human body is what allows for a strong immune system and effective detoxification pathways. 

Here are examples of habits that add stress to the human body, thus promoting oxidative stress and weakness.

  • Overeating, either constant eating throughout the day or eating too much at once until feeling “stuffed”
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive alcohol consumption, and especially intoxication
  • Microwaving food
  • Eating sugary foods and destabilizing blood sugar

Habits such as these add to aging caused by oxidative damage.  Alternatively, intermittent fasting, staying well hydrated, eating clean, whole food, especially vegetables, all help to keep us young, our immune systems strong, and our detoxification pathways running smoothly.

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