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Purity: A Better Coffee Lovers Coffee!

by Mila McManus, MD

We now carry an organic, antioxidant rich, mold free, coffee option in our office that only uses organic beans, Purity Coffee.

Last year, we posted this ARTICLE https://woodlandswellnessmd.com/coffee-talk.html about the many health concerns with coffee and how to avoid them.  Because coffee lovers abound, and so many people enjoy starting their day with a cup or two, we now carry an organic, antioxidant rich, mold free coffee option in our office.

Purity Coffee uses only organic beans sourced from regenerative bio-dynamic farms. In other words, this coffee is not destroying the rainforest, or the animals and birds that live there.  It also means you get pure, non-genetically modified, pesticide-free, clean pure coffee.  Additionally, Purity Coffee is packaged in a way to prevent mold growth on the bean, another toxic aspect of most common grocery store and coffee shop coffees.

Purity coffee comes in four formulas:

Ease Purity Coffee is crafted for easy digestion and is an organic arabica coffee, also an excellent cold brew option. This formula has a reduced acid profile and increased antioxidant compounds which protect against free radicals. The taste profile for Ease is dark chocolate, roasted walnut and brown spice.

Flow Purity Coffee is a medium roasted organic formula for overall health. The taste profile boasts roasted nuts, dark chocolate and juicy apple-like high notes and is rich in antioxidants, yet gentle on the stomach.

Balance Purity Coffee is a medium roast coffee with one third the caffeine of most coffee, but with a high antioxidant content. The taste profile is vanilla, berry, and roasted almond flavors.

Protect Purity Coffee is a light-medium roast with sweet citrus characteristics, specifically sourced and roasted for liver care and metabolic vitality and offering the highest achievable levels of antioxidants.  The taste profile is toasted hazelnut, hint of brown spice and sweet, juicy notes.

This coffee comes in whole bean, sachet [used like a teabag], and pods. We carry whole beans 12 oz bags  and sachets,  and pods or 5 lb bags can be special ordered. Call or come by to get your perfect cup of joe!

Reference: 2023 Product Guide published by Purity Coffee


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