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…I am able to eat again!

......I am able to eat again!

After seven years of visiting countless doctors with my food allergies, I came to The Woodlands Institute. When I started here I was already reacting to almost every type of food, thus only eating rice and a few vegetables.

Curing the root of the problem was Dr. McManus’s goal, therefore I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and a leaky gut. We started balancing my body with supplements and enzymes. After that, we continued with the protocol of the Yeast Cleanse, along with Bone Broth. To my great amazement, when introducing these new food groups to my body, my allergic reactions were very minimal. I regained my energy, concentration, enthusiasm, and my sleep has improved considerably.

Honestly, I was afraid that I would die if I started consuming these foods. However, I received the support and encouragement that I needed from the clinical staff while I began changing my eating habits.

Finally after all these years of searching, I found a clinic that focused on healing the root of my food allergies and I am able to eat again! They really do cure people here, and they do a magnificent job while they are curing! I want to thank all the medical staff of The Woodlands Institute for all of their professional and caring support.

From G. R.

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