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Testimonial- Allergy and Biotek Testing

Allergy and Biotek Testing
Hi Doctor McManus,
Just wanted you to know how glad I am that I did the Biotek Food Assessment. It has changed my life! I was shocked to say the least at the extent of my food allergies. It made so much sense once I saw the highly reactive foods list – BANANA, BREWER’S YEAST, EGGS, PINEAPPLE (the obvious ones that I already knew were milk, wheat, yogurt, sugar cane). Now I understand the price I will pay if I eat “my poisons”. It did not make any sense that my allergy problems were caused by pollens and environmental alone. Food allergies were the missing link. Of course, the hormones play an important role too and I seem to be doing well on them at the moment. How about that!!

Thanks for your health and wellness program. I have been on it a year now and am feeling so much better than when I began. I joined a fitness facility a few months ago and love it, love it, love it. Even my dog is amazed at my strength!!

See you in the new year. Have a Happy!

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