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Testimonial- Drug Free and No More Dry Eyes

Drug Free and No More Dry Eyes

I feel GREAT! For the past six days I’ve gone drug-free, with only minor symptoms. Could this be the euphoric feeling I’ve been longing for? Since you last emailed me on possible other issues, I’ve incorporated Probotics, Fish Oil & Vitamin E for dry eyes, and I got new lens that fit better on my eyes and are specifically made for dry eyes. I’ve worn my lens for nearly 6 hours each day. But I also have done lawn work, rode in a convertible and walked for miles outside with NO problem. Is this treatment really happening for me? I’m bursting with joy and I can’t contain the victorious feeling I’m having. I’m a little afraid of the next front because usually it brings suffering, but the recent one never gave me a problem. Please tell me I’m on the path to recovery because I have a lot of good news to spread to others.

Happy Gina

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